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Inwhat circumstances is a capital lease a better alternative to an operating lease?

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The primary market is where corporations receive the proceeds for the sale of their stock. New securities are issued on an exchange by a primary market.

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You will need to check with your state's DMV concerning the laws regulating driver licenses. Each state establishes specificlaws that pertain to licensingmotor vehicles and the licensing of drivers for said vehicles, therefore each state will differ inwhat is required.

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You cant log on to Battlefield 2 modern combat for ps2 online you keep getting network error mesage and cant log inwhat can i do?

Either the world server for the game is down and because EA is more focused on their Xbox 360 online services it might take it while for it to go back up but if its not the server. Then you might want to make sure your router or modem is working correctly, and see if your disc is clean and if your console is working correctly with other games. If all else fails you might want to contact EA customer support. 1-650-628-1005 - I am pretty sure this number is correct. Hope this helps!

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First, let's call the length of the rectangle L, and the width W.We know that the length is 8 more than the width, i.eL = W+8Now we also know that the perimeter of a rectangle is P=2L+2W, where the P in this case is would be 24.Which gives us 2 equations;L = W+8 [1]24=2L+2W [2]Using simultaneous equations, lets find the perimeter in terms of W, by substituting in the value of L in equation [1]24 = 2(W+8)+2WExpand:24 = 2W+16+2WSimplify:4W + 16 = 24Subtract 16 from both sides:4W = 8W = 2Now substitute W=2 into [1]:L = 2+8L = 10Therefore:The length and width of the rectangle are 10 units and 2 units respectively.