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i think it could be a version of stomp. stomp is music made of things other than Musical Instruments. such as trash cans, brooms, straws, plastic bags, ext. go to you tube type in stomp see what comes up. hope this helps.

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Banging on the door is this sentence a complete sentence or fragment?

It is not a complete sentence because it has no subject; it doesn't say who or what is banging on the door.Mary is banging on the door.They are banging on the door.The branches are banging on the door.Who is banging on the door?The grammar police are banging on the door.Or you can make the 'banging on the door' the subject of a sentence, but it will need its own verb:That banging on the door is annoying.Banging on the door broke the window.

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The only way is banging

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Banging the Drum was created in 1919-10.

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it is a verb. the word "bang" is an onomatopoeia, but "banging" is a verb (think about it this way. have you ever heard a sound that makes the noise "BANGING"?)

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what is on the nails is ltlle partials and the banging nocks the particle off

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There may be corrosion on the brushes in the starter and banging it would shift this temporarily Also it could be that the gear has jammed on the flywheel banging it can release this.

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I am sure it is possible. You'd die from a concussion or brain bleed.

Differentiate product oriented from process oriented performance based assessment?

banging your mom and banging your dad.

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by banging on it

Banging noise from but?

its amazing

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Lack of proper lubrication is what causes the banging of gears in the VW Touareg.

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Listening to the kind of music that requires head banging causes brain damage. ^eff you. apparently head-banging can bruise the front of your brain, but i don't believe it. :D

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After the first bang you could get a concussion. I highly recommend against banging your head.

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It means that ur good looking and have a nice body, made for banging lol

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By banging things.

What is beyond the univers?

Me and your mom banging

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Banging. I think.

Who started gang banging?


What does reporoduction mean?

banging someone

Is banging an adjective?

It can be. It is the present participle of the verb, which can also be an adjective or a noun. Example: The banging doors kept him awake all night.

What causes banging of gears in vw touareg?

Mechanical failure and lack of proper lubrication is what causes the banging of gears in VW Touareg.

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Possibly, but you have to think this: if they are in the corner of your eyes how can they be banging up stairs.

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no it is not.unless it is related to the northern side,yes it is.a nor-cal star as not related to gang banging.

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by banging girls

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shoot them