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Since flow does not take an object, it is an intransitive verb.

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Is transitive a verb?

The word "transitive" is not a verb, it's an adjective. A transitive verb is an action verb that has a direct object.

Is about a transitive verb?

transitive means the verb has a direct object... and about isn't a verb

Is to edit a transitive or intransitive verb?

Edit is a transitive verb.

What does transitive mean in parts of speech?

A transitive verb is a verb in which the action is being done to someone or something else. "sit down" is not transitive. "Chop the vegetables" contains a transitive verb.

Is land a transitive or intransitive verb?


Is has a transitive verb?

Yes. Any verb that takes a direct object is a transitive verb (as in: Lady GaGa HAS a ________).

Is a transitive verb a helping verb?

No, a transitive verb is a verb that requires both a direct subject and one or more objects. Some auxilliary (helping) verbs are, however, transitive verbs.

Q Is the verb TO SING a transitive or intransitive verb?

Sing may be transitive or intransitive.

Is fell a transitive verb or intransitive verb?

To fell a tree = transitive I fell = intransitive

Is gave a transitive intransitive or a linking verb?

To give is a transitive verb. It does something to something.

Is fly a transitive verb?

No, a transitive verb is a verb describing a change of state. For example, to wake up is transitive verb as it is the act of going from being asleep to being awake. To fly is a verb of movement.

Is close a transitive verb or an intransitive verb?

Close is a transitive verb because the word, "close" needs and object to identify the verb.

You will dance a reel is this a transitive or intransitive verb?


Is chirped a transitive of intransitive verb?

Chirped is transitive

Is the action verb transitive or intransitive Steve grows tomatoes to sell at the market?

Transitive Verb.

Can you give me an example of the transitive verb rise?

Raise and Rise is the example of the transitive verb rise.

What is a transitive passive verb?

A transitive verb is one that requires both a subject and an object (or objects) such as:The dog (subject) barked (active transitive verb) at the mailman (object).Shifting the transitive verb to the passive voice is done by talking about the action rather than describing it directly:The mailman (subject) was barked at (passive transitive verb) by the dog.

Is transitive a noun?

No, the word transitive is an adjective, and grammatically it can refer to the transitive form of a verb. The word is based on the noun "transit" which is also a verb.

Is ran a transitive verb?

Ran is the past tense of the verb to run, which can be transitive or intransitive. e.g. He ran to work (intransitive) He ran the distance. (transitive) They ran the dogs every weekend. (transitive) They ran a travel agency. (transitive)

Is the sentence was baked by mother transitive or intransitive verb?

This is not really a sentence. It has a passive verb phrase an actor but no non-actor or subject. Passive sentences usually require a verb that takes an object - a transitive verb. So I would say bake is a transitive verb. Some verbs can be both transitive or non transitive. The bread was baked by mother.

Is the verb left transitive or intransitive?

I believe it would be transitive :)

Is wash a transitive verb?

yes the word wash is transitive

Is thanked a verb?

Yes, it is transitive verb.

A verb that has a direct object is a?

A transitive verb

Is galloped transitive or intransitive verb?