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It hasn't been loaded commercially since 1942. Some specialty companies may occasionally make a limited run, but if it can be found it will be expensive.

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Is ammo available for 25 Stevens rf?

Stevens 25 Rimfire ammunition has been obsolete for many years and is now an expensive collectors item and when available it is in very limited quantities. Shootable quantities have not been available since before 1960.

Ammunition 25 caliber rifle?

2 types of 25 caliber Stevens. 1. In centerfire, you have 25-20 Stevens and I believe 25-50 Stevens of which brass is available from Midway. 2. In rimfire you have the 25. rimfire round which apparently is unavailable as I am currently searching for a source.

How available is 25 raven pistol ammunition?

Pretty common. That is the .25 Auto cartridge.

Where can you get 25 Stevens ammo?

I'm sorry to inform you, but the .25 Stevens was discontinued in 1946. even if you could find some ammunition, it would probably be extremely expensive. Although I have heard of people re-chambering these rifles to the .25ACP round.

What is the value of a 25-Stevens it is stamped J Stevens Chicopee Falls Mass Apr 17 94?

This is probably an 1894 Favorite. Depending on condition, it is worth $125(poor) to $400 (excellent). A drawback is the scarcity of .25-caliber ammunition.

What ammunition does a J Stevens Arms and Tool 32 short rim fire rifle us?

32 Short rimfire ammunition. This ammunition is now obsolete and was only available through Navy Arms. You can usually find some at the local gunshows but expect to pay a good price for it.

What is a Remington 25-10?

It's ammunition, more commonly called the 25 Stevens. It was called the 25-10 because it's a 25 caliber with 10 grains of powder. ( black powder at least originally, don't think it was ever changed )

What ammunition does 1892 Winchester 25-20 use?

the ammunition would be the 25-20 Winchester center fire (25-20 WCF). ammunition is still manufactured by Winchester for this rifle.

What is a 25 caliber?

A type of ammunition.

You recently purchased a JC Stevens in a 25 rimfire and another one in a 32 long rimfire Do you know where you can get ammunition for them?

.32 Long Rimfire ammunition is currently available from Old Western Scrounger, a division of Navy Arms. This is new-manufactured ammunition, produced on contract in Brazil by CBC. This is the only source of useable .32 Rimfire and it isn't cheap. This ammunition works well in the Stevens "Favorite" rifle and should work in any other firearm chambered for it. The .32 Short Rimfire is not available. Dixie Gun Works sells adapters to allow use of rifles and pistols in .32 Short and Extra Long Rimfire by using a .22 "acorn" blank as a primer. The Short adapters can be used in rifles chambered for the .32 Long, but the Extra Long adapters cannot. The .25 Rimfire hasn't been loaded since 1941 and all remaining stocks are gone. It is completely un-obtainable except for collector ammunition that is far too expensive and probably too old to shoot.

Is ammunition available and what is approx value for Savage 32 cal serial?

ammunition is available for both the 32 cal semi auto and revolver..................

Can you purchase ammo for a April 1794 25RF by J Stevens?

Ammo in .25 rimfire has not been available for many the answer is no.

Why is it hard to find ammunition for your pistol?

It is available if you look.

When was Whitney Stevens born?

Whitney Stevens was born on August 25, 1987.

When was Julien Stevens born?

Julien Stevens was born on 1943-02-25.

When was Rusty Stevens born?

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When did Helena Stevens die?

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When was Isaac Stevens born?

Isaac Stevens was born on 1818-03-25.

When did Will Henry Stevens die?

Will Henry Stevens died on 1949-08-25.

Is 32 ACP Ammunition still available to buy?

YES.................... Yes, it is commonly available.

What is the value of 25 rimfire ammunition?

$200.00 per rd. I paided &180.00 per rd. 2 yrs. ago. I know it was insane. but enjoyed shooting it. first time in 85 yrs. I haven't shopped for any .25 rimfire, but have purchased .30 teatfire ammunition that has not been manufactured since 1870 for only $10 per round and think I over-paid. Some specialty ammunition manufacturers will occassionally produce a run of .25 rimfire, so it should be available at larger gun shows for no more than a couple dollars per round. Original ammunition 60 - 70 years old should be hard to find, but available.

Why does your Stevens 22 long rifle keep on jamming after the first shot?

Could be ammunition, magazine, dirty, etc..

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