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Is 0.1 percent less than 1 percent?

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Yes, .1 percent is a tenth of 1 percent.

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Is 1 percent greater than 5 percent?

NO. 1 percent is less than 5 percent.

Is 1 percent greater than 025 percent?

1 percent is less than 25 percent. 1 percent is greater than 0.25 percent.

How do you tell if a fraction is less than 1 percent?

You can tell if a fraction is less than 1% if the denominator of the fraction has its decimal place moved to the right 2 times and is less than the numerator it is less than 1 percent.

Is 1fifth less than 1 fourth?

1 fifth is 20 percent less than 1 fourth.

Is 1 percent greater than 05 percent?

1 is less than 5 or did you mean .05 percent or even .5 percent? then yes 1 is greater than those.

Is 003 percent less than 1 percent?

YES. Because 0.003 < 1.

Is 0.0053 less than 1 percent?

It is less, in percentage terms it is 0.53%

What is the racial ethnicity in the NBA?

75 percent black, 18 percent white, and 6 percent hispanic. Asian and others were less than 1 percent according to this: http://ascreamingcomesacrossthecourt.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/the-nba-and-ethnicity-the-race-of-each-team/

What percent is .01?

0.01 is one percent. If you look at this as money it is $0.01 or one cent.

What percentage of college football players go pro?

Less than 1 percent for all divisions, but less than 4 percent for division 1A.

Is 01 wrote out in percent as 01 percent?

No, 0.01 is not written as 0.01% in percent rate. 0.01 in percent rate is 1%.

Where does less that one hundredth of one percent of earths fresh water exist?

In the bottle of water in front of me. It contains about 1 sixtillionths of 1 percent the world's water which, as required, is less than 1 hundredth of 1 percent.

What is the literacy rate of the Persians?

Less than 1 percent. There were no schools.

Less than 1 percent of the world's commercial energy is supplied by?

Less than 1% of the world's commercial energy is supplied by nuclear energy.

What percent of Americans earn over 1 million per year?

1 million American Dollars? Less than 1 percent.

Is 1 one third greater than 145 percent?

no, a percent is always out of 100 if the percent is grater than 100 than it is more than 1 and a fraction is always less than one unless the numerator is grater than the denominator.

What percent of water is available for people to use?

Less than 1 percent is available for human's use.

Is 96 percent bigger than 1920?

No, 100% equals 1, so 96% is less than 1.

WHAT IS THE percentage of .01?

The number 0.01 is equivalent to 1 percent (1%).

What are some fractions less than 70 percent?

1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, etc. Basically anything less than 7/10

What is 49 percent of 81?

0.81 less than 40.5 ie 1 hundredth of 81 less than half of 81

What does 1 percent equals?

As a decimal, one percent is .01.

Percent of population of the world that are Jews?

Less than 1% of the population is Jewish.

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