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Is 100 pounds a normal weight for a 5' 13-year-old?

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if you are just 5 feet then you are underweight but if you are 5 feet 11 inches then you are a healthy weight

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Is 100 pounds a normal weight for a 5'2 feet tall girl?

100 pounds is considered normal, its close to underweight though.

If you are 5'3 and 110 pounds is that good?

You are normal weight, 110 is a normal weight for 5 '3'. Underweight is probably under 100 pounds

What is the normal weight of 12 years?

100 to 120 pounds.

What is the normal weight for a 10 year old?

A normal weight for a 10 year old should be about 85 or 90 pounds/lbs. I am 10 years old and I weight 91 pounds/lbs. is t okay if im 100 pounds and am ten

Are you overweight if your 5.0 and weight 100 pounds?

No. That is within a normal range.

What is too fat?

Too fat is 100 pounds or more over your normal weight.

You are 11 years old boy 100 pounds 54in are you normal weight?

of corouse

Is 70 pounds a normal weight for a 12-year-old boy?

I am a 12 year old boy and also 70 pounds. The proper weight is 100 pounds, though.

What is the normal weight of 4' and 5' girls?

well, the normal weight for a 5 foot girl is probably about 100-125 pounds depending on your age. for a 4 foot girl would probably be 50-70 pounds depending on your height. I am 12 and I am 4'11' and 90 pounds. I guess that is normal weight.

If im 12 and you weigh 100 pounds is tht normal?

Yea i weight that much to and i look smexy

What is the normal weight for a 10 year old 4'10 girl?

At least 100pounds. (Perhaps 90 or up.)

You are 12 years old and you are 100 pounds how do you lose weight?

100 pounds at the age of 12 is a good weight.

What would you weight be on Uranus if your weight on earth is 100 pounds?

88.9 pounds

WHAT IS THE Ideal weight FOR A nine year old girl 4'9?

Perhaps 70-80 pounds for normal, 80-90 pounds for chunky, 90-100 pounds for overweight.

How do you spell 100 pounds?

The weight (100 lbs.) is "one hundred pounds."

I am 13 you im 5ft 5in i weight 100 pounds is that normal?

It depends on what your frame is. If you have a small, skinny frame, then yes, it is normal. If you have a taller frame, the ideal weight is between 110-120.

You are 13 and you weight 100 pounds and you are 5'1'' is that a normal weight?

sounds a lil sister is 13/5'1 and 105 and she is rlly healthy and a cheerleader

How much do male jaguars weight?

100-250 pounds

What is the weight for a mallard?

about 100 pounds

If you combine 100 pounds of flour and 100 pounds of potatoes and 30 pounds of butter what is the total cooked weight?

230 pounds. Just add all the weight together to get the answer. ITS EASY

How many tons does 100 bundles of shingles weight?

It will depend on the weight per 100 square feet of shingle coverage. In the U.S., the average weight per 100 square feet will be in the range of 240 pounds, and the normal number of bundles it takes to cover 100 square feet is 3. With these rough approximations, 100 bundles would weigh 8,000 pounds, or 4 tons.

How are wrestling weight classes determined?

Wrestling weight classes are determined by weight. Tye weight goes from 50-100 pounds, 100-150 pounds, 150-200 pounds and so on qnd so fourth

How many stones is 100 pounds in weight?

14 pounds = to 1 stone 100 pounds = 7.1 stones

In body weight 100 pounds is equals how many stone?

100 pounds = 7 stone 2 pounds

Normal weight for a 3 month old?

For a human baby girl their weight at 3 months is between 6 pounds and 11 pounds. the average is 8.2 pounds. For a human baby boy it's 7 pounds to 12 pounds, average is 9 pounds. For a baby elephant its between 100 and 160 pounds.