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Is 101 pounds normal for a girl who is 5'1'' tall?

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Q: Is 101 pounds normal for a girl who is 5'1'' tall?
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Is 101 pounds normal for a girl who is 5 foot tall?

That's absolutely perfect!!

Is 101 pounds to heavy for an 11 yr old girl who is 5 ft tall?

101 lbs is appropriate for a female at 5 ft tall. For every inch over 5 ft, allow 5 lbs. This is a easy way to calculate weight for height.

Is it healthy for a 5 foot 2 16 year old girl to weigh 91.4 pounds?

No it is not. This girl has a BMI of 16.7 which is consider underweight. Not many people know that being underweight can cause as much problems as being overweight or obese. The lowest weight for this girl to be consider normal weight is 101 pounds. Please gain 10 pounds.

What is 101 kilograms in pounds?

101 kilograms = 222.7 pounds

How any pounds is 101 kilograms?

101 kilograms = 222.67 pounds.

How much is 101 pounds in stones?

101 pounds is 7.2 stone.

How many stones equals 101 pounds?

101 pounds = 7.21428571 stones

You are a 5 2' girl what is the average weight?

Average weight would be 125 pounds.

How many pounds in 46 kilos?

101 pounds

What should a 5'2 medium framed female weigh?

The normal weight range for someone that is 5'2" based on BMI is 101-136 pounds.

How many pounds equals 101 kilos?

On Earth only, 101 kilograms of mass weighs 222.67 pounds. (rounded)

Was Victoria Justice ever a normal girl?

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Is 101 pounds fat for a 10 year old?

Well it depends on height because Im 4'10 and 12 and 101 pounds

How many kiloes are the 101 pounds?

1lb=2.2kg 101/2.2=45.9kilo's

101 lbs equal how many kilograms?

101 pounds = 45.81 kilograms.

Is it normal for a 12 year old to be 61 inches and 101 pounds?

i dont know but im 12 5feet 6in and im 130 lbs

What is 7 stone 3 pounds converted in pounds?

7 stone 3 pounds = 101 pounds.

In which country is the tall building taipei 101?

Taipei 101 is in Taiwan

How much should a five foot 2 inch girl weigh?

i think that u shhould weigh around 101-120 pounds

Im 11years old 5ft tall and 101 pounds is that over weight?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you neeed to eat something and you shouldn't be concererned if that is all you weigh! you are fine!!!!

What is 101 kg in pounds?

There are 0.45359237 kilograms in one pound. Therefore to get amount of pounds in kilograms, value in kilograms has to be divided by amount of kilograms in one pound: 101 kilograms = [kilograms] / 0.45359237 = 101 / 0.45359237 = 222.6669 pounds

A tree 101 inches tall - how tall is it in feet and inches?

101 inches is 8 feet 5 inches

How many pounds are in 101 ounces?


What is 101 pounds in stones?

7st 3lb

101 pounds how many ounces?