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My breasts were swollen and sore for about a week before my period was due, but I had no sickness. My period was due on the 19th Dec. I missed it and the next day did a home preg urine test. It was positive. I went for a blood test two days later, it was negative. So I went home and did another urine test, it came out positive. Ten days later I went back for another blood test and it was positive. Its frustrating to have to wait but wait awhile and take another blood test.

I tested positive with a regular urine test at 10 days since conception. It was a shock Because I don't feel preg. not like my first child. I read that HCG is present in the blood stream 7 days after conception. It is worth it to find out early. Keep taking that folic acid.

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Q: Is 10 days after conception too early for a reliable blood test?
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How far along do you have to be to take a test?

You can test as early as 17 days after conception. You can test with a blood test 5-7 days after conception. The longer you wait the better the result.

How long after a possible conception should you wait to take a pregnancy test and can you tell right away?

You can test as early as 5 days after conception with a quantitative blood test at your doctors. Or as early as two days before your period is due with a HPT.

How soon after implantation will a blood test will a pregnancy test be accurate?

A blood test for pregnancy (hcg, or human chorionic gonadotropin) will be accurate at implantation, which occurs about 8-12 days after conception. HCG is detectable as early as 8 days post-conception.

Is 10 days after sex too early to take a blood test for pregnancy?

10 days after sex is too early to do a Qualiative blood test. However it definitely isn't too early to do a Quantitative Beta HCG Blood Test which will measure the amount of HCG present in your blood and is a highly accurate test in confirming pregnancy. You can do this test 5 days after conception.

How early after conception can you hear a baby's heartbeat?

21 days

Can it be too early for a blood pregnancy test?

It could be, if your period is late then it's probably not too early, unless you had an unusual cycle. after conception, you need about 10 days before you do a blood test to assure accuracy ~pawsalmighty

Can your nipples start hurting 2 days after conception?

no its too early.

How soon can a blood test show you are pregnant?

Blood tests may show that you are pregnant as little as seven days after conception. Most doctors will only do one if you have missed a period which is 14 days after conception. Hi, A Quantitative blood test can show if you're pregnant 5-7 days after you think conception may of taken place.

What common symptoms can you have 4 days after conception?

4 days after conception is very early. It is possible although very slight you could have implantation bleeding and slight cramping.

Can you find out that your pregnant in ten days?

Yes you can find out as early as five days after the conception with some tests.

If you have been having period like cramping since 3 days after possible conception can you be pregnant too early for test yet though?

If it's only three days after conception then yes it is too early. Pregnacy tests usually work better after 2 weeks of conception.

Can you get heart burn few days after conception?

Youi can get heart burn at anytime, so it's not a reliable indication.

Do you bleed after conception?

Some women will have three to four days of bleeding around 48 hrs after conception known as implantation blood.

How soon should you do urine pregnancy test after conception?

Early result pregnancy tests will sometimes show positive 10 days after conception or 5 days before your expected period.

Is two days after conception too early to have symptoms?

i definatly felt something different immediately after conception. mostly a fluttering feeling in my belly and period like cramps a weeks too early. I tested positive 10 days past ovulation.

Is a pregnancy test reliable 6 days after ovulation during which conception might have occured?

Your test kit should tell you when it should be used to give the most reliable result.

How soon can a quantitative blood test indicate that you are pregnant?

A blood test can give results 7-12 days from conception.

How far along do you have to be in your pregnancy to get a positive pregnancy test?

can be as early as 10 days past conception, (5 days before period is due) conception normally happens within 24 hours after the sex.

If you spotted two drops of blood a day and a half after ovulation is this conception bleeding?

No, conception bleeding (if it occurs at all) occurs 6-10 days after ovulation.

How many days after conception will a urine test for pregnancy give positive results?

Hormone levels can first be detected by a blood test about 11 days after conception and about 12 - 14 days after conception by a urine test. Under normal circumstances this level is found right about the time your next period is due.

When can a blood-test detect your pregnant the first week of symptoms?

A blood test can pick up HCG seven days after conception.

How far along pregnant do you have to be for it to show up in blood work?

10 days after conception gives you an accurate results via blood test.

How early can a doctor detect your pregnant?

There are two types of pregnancy tests available though your Dr, blood and urine. Blood tests can show positive 8-10 days past ovulation and urine tests are most reliable 14-16 days past ovulation.

Can you get morning sickness a few days after conception?

You can experience morning sickness as early as 2-3 weeks into your pregnancy.

Could you still be pregnant with a result of 1 on a Quantitative Blood test if it was only 6 days after conception?

Hi, No this means you are not pregnant. Question: ok, If it was about 5-6 days after conception, what would the Quantitative Blood test have shown if I was pregnant? Is it possible that it just registered low? Should I get tested again now that it is over two weeks since conception? I am 18 days late and have some pregnancy symptoms.