Is 111 a good IQ?

It's easy to remember... I'm a special education teacher. Students I have worked with with IQ's below 100 generally have difficulty learning. This is a combination of actual issues with learning ability and the bad attitude that can arise due to frustration with past difficulties. An IQ of 100 and up does not seem to be an impediment to learning or success if you are motivated. Genius-level IQ is, I believe, above 130. That suggests to me that an IQ of 111 represents "normal" or "average" intelligence, so you should be able to do whatever you want in your life. Keep in mind that the IQ test only measures one kind of intelligence, logical or mathematical intelligence, because Western culture has traditionally prized that kind. However, a person with a lower IQ may have significant talents in other areas that the test does not measure, such as athletics, music, visual arts, and tending plants and animals. Recently I watched Little Richard as a celebrity judge on Celebrity Duets. He struck me as having extremely low IQ, due to his inadequate verbal skills, but he is a very successful and beloved personality who has had a very full life.