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Is 112 pounds an average weight for a 13-year-old who is 5'3''?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-14 18:29:03

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Yes. Because I am 1inch shorter than you, and I weigh 10 lbs. more than you and the doctor says that I am right where I am supposed to be at with my weight. I know what I look like and everyone tells me that I am so skinny!

2006-08-14 18:29:03
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You are 12 years old and you weigh 112 pounds is that bad?

No that is in almost the exact middle of the average range.. you're average weight!

135 pounds and 5 feet overweight?

Yes, 135 pounds is considered overweight for an individual who is 5'0. An acceptable weight is around 112 pounds on average.

Ideal weight for woman 5'3?

The ideal weight for a women who is 5' 3" is 112 pounds. The healthy weight range for this height is between 112 and 140 pounds.

What is the average weight for a 5.5ft 14 year old girl?

Probably between 94 pound to 112 pounds.

What is the average weight for a 14 year old child?

The best healthy weight for a 14 year old is between 112 pounds to 127 pounds. The height only matters 30 percent on how much you weight or not.

What is the average weight for a 5' 1 11-year-old boy and if he weighs 111 pounds is he overweight?

A male that is 5 feet 1 inch tall has an average weight of 112 pounds. Weighing 111 pounds would mean this person is about average and not overweight.

What is the average weight of a 7th grade girl?

106 poundsIt all depends on her height and bone structures. When I was in 7th Grade I was 112 pounds :)

Is 112 pounds an average weight for a 11 year old girl who is 5'2?

112 pounds is a bit heavy for an 11 year old girl who is 5'2" But you don't have to worry. It may just be muscle that makes her a little heavier.

51 kilograms equals how many pounds?

Between 112 and 113 pounds, in weight.

Would 112 pounds be good for a 12 year old?

I'm 12 and i weigh 112 pounds, its the right weight to be at 12. I'm not sure what your situation is but if you are that weight, it's just right!

What those the cwt stands for?

Cwt is the abbreviation for the old measure of weight known as a Hundredweight or 112 pounds(lbs) ====================== 112 pounds is a LONG hundredweight

What is the average weight for a girl who is 4 8?


How much does a Japanese Chin weight?

About 7 pounds. (112 ounces)

In boxing what is the weight classification for Flyweight?

the limit is 112 lbs (pounds)

What is the ideal weight for a person that is 5'1?

Somewhere around 112 pounds.

How much in weight is 112 kg?

112kg is the same as 246.9 pounds.

What is the average weight for a 5'0 21 year old female with small to medium bone structure?

I'm a 5'0 19 year old female and I'm 112 pounds. I was told that 100-120 pounds is a healthy weight for me.

Is 112 pounds an average weight for a 12 year old girl who is 5'1?

Just look up you body mass index (bmi) and it will tell you.

How many pounds are in a hundredweight?

A hundredweight is a measurement used in Imperial weight tables and is equal to 112 pounds.

An ideal competitive weight for a jockey is?

For howrse it is 100 pounds, Irl it's 112-114 pounds

Whats the average weight of a 5'3 13 year old?

well, im 5'3 and weigh 85 pounds. that's not average, i don't think. usually 13-year-olds weigh 100 ponds, that's the average weight. but i don't have a big appetite. ummm....i weigh about 112 after eating ice cream and i am 5'3 so i think that is about average...112

What is a hundred weight of milk?

The hundred weight is an imperial type of measurement. A hundred weight of milk is the equivalent of 112 pounds.

Is 112 pounds a good weight?

depends on height, age, gender, etc.

How much is 8 stone in pounds?

One stone in weight is equal to fourteen pounds. Therefore, 8 stone is 112 pounds.

Is 112 pounds a healthy weight for a 5' 6 18-year-old male?

112 pounds is a good weight for a 5' 6" 18-year old male. They should not lose much more weight than this.