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Q: Is 118 platelet count too low?
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Do I need to worry if my platelet count is 88 with chemo?

Is my platelet count too low at 88

What happens if your platelet count is too low?

It ain't lookin good for you bud

Is 125000 a normal platelet count?

150,000 is the low end of the "normal" range, so yeah...125,000 is a hair low, but your doctor may not be too worried about it.

What happens if you have high platelet levels in your blood?

A platelet count that is too high may cause blood clots.

What are low blood palates?

Low blood platelets will affect clotting. Thrombocytopenia is the official term for low platelet count - lower than normal range. Too low can affect coagulation (clotting).

What causes thrombocytopenia hallucinations and hypothermia?

Hypothermia is caused by being exposed to cold temperatures for too long. Thrombocytopenia hallucinations are caused by a low blood platelet count.

Is a platelet count of 214 normal?

yes this is normal, About 12 is too normal don't be afraid.

Is 248 platelet count normal?

yes this is normal, About 12 is too normal don't be afraid.

Is white blood cell count 2.8 too low?

yes this is too low of a wbc

Is male haemoglohin count 11.9 too low?

Isl haemoglobin in men 11.9 is too low?

Is white blood count of 4.3 too low?

yes very low

Can low platelets be caused by drinking too much alcohol?

People with liver disease, a common side effect of excessive alcohol consumption, develop an enlarged spleen. The spleen normally traps platelets. When it becomes enlarged, this may accelerate, and cause a low platelet count.

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