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Is 120 pounds overweight for a 13-year-old who is 5'2''?



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  • For a twelve year old with that height, that's actually the average healthy weight. If anything, 16 year old who weighs that much is unhealthy.
  • Yes, I'm 16 and weigh 120 pounds. For a twleve year old, that's alot. What his activity like? Does he sit and do nothing, or excecise? The only factor changing my hypothesis is wether or not its muscle. If its muscle, than that's good actually, but too much muscle can kill you as they need a costant supply of nutrients.
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^ then u r way 2 skinny jk no it depends on how ur built. i weigh 125.5 and it really is not a big deal don't worry... i am 13 also. and a female. and i am 5"3 lol so guess what don't listen to this person . ur not overweight