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Is 126 pounds under weight for a female that's 5 '9 at the age of 24?

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a little. but as long as you're not anerexic or not eating enough you should be fine. remember to eat healthy foods, and workout!

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Is 92 pounds a reasonable weight for a 14-year-old?

If your a male you are a little under weight. If you are a female your weight is fine.

What is the average weight for a 15-year-old female?

if u are 15 you should weigh under 150 pounds if shorter the 5'0ft. then you should weigh under 140 pounds....

What is the average weight for a girl that's 16-years-old and 5'3''?

Between 105 and 141 pounds is considered normal weight for a 5'3" female. Anything else is considered under or over weight.

How much should you weigh if you are 13 years old and 5ft 1 in?

No matter what age, if you are 5"1' your ideal weight is between 101 pounds and 123 pounds if you are a male. If your a female your ideal weight is between 95 pounds and 116 pounds. But remember some people's bodies may still be healthy if they are slightly over or under the recommended ideal weight.

What is the weight of the flying squirrel?

about 13 pounds or under

You are 13 5'1 and i weigh 80 pounds am i under weight?

Yes, you are under weight, you have to gain some extra pounds. Check ideal weight for your height at

What is the average weight for a5ft 2inches girl who is 30 years old?

under 100 pounds under 100 pounds

What is the Proper height and weight?

the proper height is 56.5 and weight under 200 pounds

What is considered low birth weight?

under 6 pounds

If im 14 going in 15 and weigh around 110 am i overweight or fat?

The only way that I can tell you if you are overweight at the age of 14 with a weight of 110 pounds is to know how tall you are. 110 pounds is the perfect weight for a female who is between 4'10" and 5'3" and for a male who is under 5'.

If you are 5'3 and 110 pounds is that good?

You are normal weight, 110 is a normal weight for 5 '3'. Underweight is probably under 100 pounds

Is 104 pounds under weight for a 13 year old who is 5'2?

no, its in the weight range for that age

What is the ideal weight for a 40 year old female that is 5 feet 9?

Anywhere from 130 pounds to about 170 pounds is in the healthy range for a woman of 5' 9". Anything under that range is considered underweight, and vice versa.

Will you live longer 10 pounds over weight or 10 under weight?

You would be likely to live longer 10 pounds overweight than you would 10 pounds underweight.

What is the normal weight for a 3 month old English mastiff?

Your puppy's size really depends on the size of it's parents, and if your puppy is male, or female. Generally, at 3 months of age a male English Mastiff puppy weighs around 45 pounds, and a female around 39 pounds. Your vet would be able to tell you if your puppy was over or under weight.

What is healthy weight for girl that is 5 foot 2 inches and 18 years old?

The average weight for a girl that is 5 foot 2 is 110 pounds. If you are 5 feet, 100 pounds and 5 more pounds every inch.The average wight for a girl that is 5 feet tall and 2 inches is 110 through 136 pounds. If you weight between these numbers than you are consider healthy. If your over 136 pounds your consider slighty over weight. If your under 110 pounds you are under weight, which is not good.

How heavy is a collie will he be?

i have a collie that weighs about 65 pounds but she is a little under weight an adult collie that is at the right weight should weigh about 70-80 pounds

If a girl that is 11 and is 140 pounds is tat over weight or under weight?

that is very over weight but it depends on ur height

Is it bad to be under weight?

honestly i do not think it is, i am 13 and i weigh 73 pounds, and i am doing just fine but if you are under 60 pounds i would see a doctor about it

What is the average height for female and male long distance runners?

The best females are typically 5'1"-5'5". The best males are typically 5'6"-5'9". These heights are optimal because the optimal weight for a long distance runner is 92-105 pounds (female) or 115-130 pounds (male), and you can't be much taller than with running muscles and still be under the optimal weight.

Is a 9 year old boy who weighs 65 pounds under weight?


Is 180 pounds at 5'9 fat?

No actually you are probably a little under weight

How much does a female toy poodle weigh?

A toy poodle will be 10 inches and under. Weight depends on age and how much the owner feeds them, if, they feed him a lot of junk food he will be overweight. Toy poodles might weight up to 15 pounds.

What is the weight of 1 gallon of mineral seal oil?

Just under 7 pounds (6 pounds, 14.8 ounces)

Is alfamalt forte sugar free?

No it is not it contain high sugar content thats why it use for under weight childern