Is 130 pounds a normal weight for a 5' 3 12-year-old girl and how can you lose weight fast?

  • 130 lbs is perfectly normal. You will stretch out over the years. I was 200 lbs and 5'3 in Dec. of '94 when I was 12. Because of problems caused by the obesity, I walked 4 out of 7 days and ate right. (6 meals a day alternating with foods from each food group, 1 serving being the size of your palm, accompanied by 4 Liters of water daily). By keeping this routine, I was able to lose 70 lbs in 7 months. By the start of the next school year I was your weight and 5'4. You are perfectly within your range, and don't ever let somebody tell you otherwise. Super skinny is not beautiful.
  • If you ever think that you need to lose weight never try to lose weight "fast". When anyone gains weight, it goes on slowly over time, slowly stretching your skin. People who lose weight very quickly, end up with sagging wrinkled skin. Anyone who wants to lose weight needs to decrease the calories they consume, and increase the calories that they burn, by increasing their activity; walking instead of riding, bike, hike, play outside instead of in front of the T.V. or on the computer. Exercise not only burns calories, but also firms and tones your muscles. It really is quite a simple equation: CONSUME LESS==BURN MORE; works every time! HOWEVER, at your age you DON'T need to lose weight. You are perfectly fine. And don't forget, you are still growing.
  • 12 years old is not an age where you need to lose weight. It sounds like you're perfectly fine, and unless your doctor mentions something, you're going to be okay.
  • My cousin is a nutritionist and unless you are extremely athletic then you are alright.
  • I am a personal trainer and you weight is perfectly within normal limits. People are built differently and therefore, you will weigh differently at the same ages. My sister and I were 30 pounds apart at the same age. One of us was very slender with little muscle and the other was very athletic and muscular. We both looked fantastic! You are perfectly within normal limits. As you hit your late teens, you will more than likely thin out even more. Muscle does play a factor in how much you weigh. Some folks are so muscular that their weight actually puts them in a category of obesity, even though they are very much in shape. I would suggest making a lifestyle plan for yourself now...get a good start on it. Be smart about your food choices, portion sizes, and physical activity. If you start this habit now, it will follow you through life. Whatever you do, don't let other people tell you how to feel about yourself and definitely don't do anything desperate to lose weight. Nothing is worth the tole it takes on your body.