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More information is needed to answer the question "Is 135lbs over weight?". This can not be determined without knowing your age, sex, and height.

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Q: Is 135lbs over weight
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What is Zac Efron weight?

he weighs 135lbs.

What is Zac Efron's weight?

he weighs 135lbs.

What is the weight for a 700R4 transmission?

I have heard in the ballpark of 135lbs.

What is boo boo stewarts weight?

Between 135lbs to 145lbs

I am 5'9 and weight 135lbs. Is this in good proportion?

Male or female?

What is the normal weight for a 13year old girl at 5'9?

around 135lbs to 170lbs

Ideal weight for 5ft 7 in?

Ideal weight for female is around 130-135lbs For the male it is about 140-150

How many kg is in 135lbs?

135lbs = 61.23kg

Is a 12 year old girl over weight is she weighs 235?

no, if a 12 year old is 135lbs. there is nothing to worry about unless her doctor tells her so.

What is the average weight for a 5ft 4 sixteen year old girl?


What is the Average weight for a 5' 2 50 year old woman?

about 135lbs

Average weight for 16-year-old male 5'7 in US?

about 135lbs

My height is 5'2 and my current weight is 135lbs and i am 28 years old am i overweight?

depends on gender

What is the weight of a transaxle from a Geo Metro?

The engine and transmission of a manual 3 cylinder weighs 135lbs.

How much should a 18 years old female weight?

Depending on your height and body type you Can weight in between 115 and 135lbs.

How much Ideal weight for 5.2 height?

Not more than 135lbs

How much is 135lbs in kgs?

135lbs is about 61 (61.235) kg

How much does Daniel Radcliffe weight?

Between 119lbs and 135lbs. His exact weight is unknown but most sources will agree that this is in this ballpark. Hope this helps!

Is 113 fat for a 13 who is 5'5?

Your BMI is 18.8, yes you are healthy, the normal weight is between 96 and 135lbs.

What is 135lbs in stone?

14lbs = 1 stone therefore 135lbs = 9 stone 9lbs

Im 12 and you weigh 135 lbs is this over weigh?

it does not go by your age it goes by your height. 135lbs is the ideal weight for a 5 foot 2 inch to 5 foot 8 inch person.

What is ideall weight for a 66 year-old female 5'6?

Normal weight should be between 118 and 148lbs. To be more exact, graphs show the ideal weight to be 130/135lbs

What is the average weight for a 5 foot 2 inch person 12 year old male that is going through puberty?


What is a normal height and weight of a 18-year-old female?

The average height for a 18 year old female is about 5"5 and the average weight is between 115-135lbs.

What is 135lbs in kilos?

62.59 kilos