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Is 140312 miles on a car too much?

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Depends on how well it was taken care of.

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Is 25000 miles too much to put on a car in one year?

No, it is not too much.

Is 230000 miles on a 1993 Camry too much?

I would assume 230000 miles on any car is too much specially if your buying it

Is 150000 miles to much for a 52 reg car?

Yes....Its too much.

Is 16000 miles too much for a 1yr old car?

Not at all.

Do you think 4000.00 is too much to spend on a car that has 137200 miles for a used car?

Yes if it is GBP

Is 131000 miles on a 1998 camaro too much?

that's the average mileage on a car of that age.

How many miles should a 2006 car have?

Depending on how many miles were put on the car a year(12,000 too 15,000), anywhere from 72,000 too 90,000 miles.

How much is too many miles in a car?

Cars can run for hundreds of thousands of miles if cared for properly. A lot of miles on a car does not necessarily mean it is worn out. A lot of people believe that anything over 100,000 miles is a lot.

How many miles is too much on a used car?

The average amount of miles per year on a car is 12,000 miles. Do the math: if the mileage is much over this, that is considered too many, and the car would be worth less. On the other hand, it the car has less than an average of 12,000 per year, that adds to its value. Example: An 6-year-old car should have no more than 72,000 miles on it. 60000 thousand (unless has service report including) or more is too much because by then the e.g engine will need its belts replaced, pumps brakes.

Is 30000 miles on a 1 yr old car too much?

i think it is. i had my car for about a year now and now i have 29000 miles..thats because i have to go back n forth at work. and i have to drieve 20 miles away everyday. and some places too..

Is 3400.00 too much to spend on a car that has 164000?

Depends on the car, does it seem worth it to you? You should research the yr and make with that many miles.

What is considered too many miles on a car?

200,000-250,000 miles

What is too much mileage on a car?

I would never ever buy any car with over 150,000 miles no matter the brand. Some cars I would not buy if they had over 100,000 miles. Depends on the reliability of that car.

Would you buy a 2006 dodge charger rt with a 5.7 liter V8 engine with an auto transmission but with 150000 miles on it?

If the condition and price were correct, yes. 150,000 miles is not too many for a modern car.If the condition and price were correct, yes. 150,000 miles is not too many for a modern car.

Is 96000 miles too much on a 1986 Iroc z camaro?

Too much... for what?

How much money is a hybrid car?

too much

How many miles is highest odometer reading?

i guess 999,999 miles ... may depend on kinds of car too

Why is air polloution so dangerous?

Because Car too much, cost too much electric

Can you install airbags in a crashed car?

If the car is not too much damaged than you can.

Is 70000 miles to much on a cls 500?

Too much for what? Mercedes CLS is a very well designed car and will last a long time with regular maintenance. I have 55k on mine and have total confidence this will be at least a 200k car if I decide to keep it that long.

How many miles on a car is too many?

As long as it's running it's good

Is 173k miles on a car too high?

For some cars, no. It's all about condition.

What the price for a used car with 12000 miles?

Too many variables to answer ... need make of car, year of car, model of car, what engine is in car, is it a turbo engine, it is supercharged etc.

Why is your new car battery always dying?

because your using your car too much!!!

What happens to a car engine with too much oil?

too much oil in the engine will cause of airation and will create too much pressure to your engine and will damage the headgasket.