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Yes, Liberty Seated dollars were struck in 1865.

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Q: Is 1865 one dollar silver coin real?
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How can you tell if silver 1865 one dollar coin real?

The best thing to do is take it to a dealer or collector for their opinion.

Who is on silver dollar coin?

A real silver dollar has "Miss Liberty" on it.

Who was the first person on the silver dollar coin'?

The first real person on a dollar coin was President Eisenhower in 1971. No silver dollar coins have portraits of real people.

What is the value of a 1921 gold e pluribus dollar coin?

If the coin is a real Morgan or Peace dollar. The value is just for the silver, about $20.00.

Silver dollar coin with eagle on both side flip the coin the image is the same?

This is not a real coin. They make these for practical jokes.

Is the freedom Tower silver coin real silver?

Yes, what little silver is in (or on) the coin is real silver.

What women is on the first dollar coin?

The first US silver dollar coin was struck in 1794 the designer was Robert Scot. Lady Liberty is not a real person.

Who is on the face of a silver dollar coin?

Most non-collectors use the generic term 'Silver Dollar" for any one dollar coin. Only dollar coins from 1971 to date have real people on them. Older real silver dollars from 1794 to 1935 have different stylized portraits of Miss Liberty. Post a new question with a date

How do you tell if a 1795 silver dollar is real?

Take it to a local coin collector and see what he or she says.

1979 silver dollar worth?

In 1979, the dollar coin issued by the US was the Susan B. Anthony, which has no silver content and no real collector's value, so is a "spender".

How do you know if your 1878 silver dollar coin is real?

The most basic thing is the weight and diameter of the coin. if you have doubts about the authenticity of the coin, take it to a coin dealer for an assessment.

How can you get a real American silver dollar?

Go to a coin shop or a jeweler who deals in coins and buy one.

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