Is 1ml of water is equal to 1g?

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1 millilter is equal to 1 what?

1 ml=1ml. 1ml OF water=1g of water. 1L=1000mL

Do 1ml equals 1g?

Only with water. 1ml of water is equal to one gram of water; this is how the measurement systems are classified.

Does 1cm3 equal 1mL equal 1g?


What is the relationship between 1g 1ml and 1cc of water at STP?

What is the relationship between 1g 1ml and 1cc of water at STP?

Moles of water in 1 mL of water?

Let's calculate this:Water density is: 1g/ml1ml * 1g/ml = 1g of water in 1 ml.Next,Water molecular weight, about: 18g/mol1g * 1mol/18g = 1/18 moles = about 0.056 moles in 1ml (=1g) of water.This can be done in one step as:1ml * 1g/1ml *1mol/18g = 1/18 moles of waterCheers,Me

How light is 1 liter of water?

1g of water is in theory equal to 1ml, so 1kg (in theory)

Does 1ml of water weigh 1g?


How do you convert mililitres to grams?

It depends on the density of solution. with water, at ideal conditions, 1ml is equal to 1g

How many grams are equal to one milliliter?


10 g a ml?

1g of water is 1ml, however this is diefferent for different substances eg mercury weighs much more. 1g of water = 1ml ! so 10g of water = 10ml !

What is the mass for 80 ml of water?

80g. 1mL = 1g

What is the mass of 1 mililiter of water?

At room temperature (20ºC) water has a density of 1g/mL. This means that 1mL of water has the mass of 1g.

How many milliliter are in 2kg?

I will assume of water. For water 1ml = 1g, about. 2,000 ml

How many grams in a ml of water?

Although temperature matters, 1g/1mL.

How do you you measure grams to cups?

1g = 1mL (water) 1 cup = 250mL

How many grams are in 2.56 ml water?

1mL = 1g2.56mL = 2.56g

How many milliliter in 50g of water?

1g=1ml so 50 ml :)

What is the density difference between rubbing alcohol and water?

Rubbing alchol- 0.79g/1ml Water- 1g/1ml There is a .21g difference per ml

The weight of displaced water always equals?

water is a unique substance that: 1g=1mL=1cm3

How much does 200 litres of water weigh?

1ml of water is = 1g so 200L =20,000g

What is equal to 42.5 grams in cups?

Depends on what you are measuring. Water is 1ml=1g. 250ml=1 cup. Flour is lighter. Check the weight of what you are measuring on the internet.

How many pints in 1400g of water?

2.465, assuming that 1g=1ml (density of 1)

How much does 1 liter of pure water weight?

The weight of 1 litre of water is approx 9.8 Newtons.

How much is 1cc?

1cc is 1ml, or .001 liters. 1cc of water also has a mass of 1g

What is the density of 53 ml of h2o?

The same density of 1ml of water. (approx 1g/ml)