Is 2012 a myth or not?

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2012 is a religious theory. The Mayans were great astrologists. They anticipated an alignment of the planets. They actually anticipated a lot of alignments. This one is important because it's a different alignment. All the planets will face the center of the milky way. The theory of the end of the world started because the Mayans thought that could end the world.
However it's important to mention that an alignment is not perfect, the planets aren't all in the same position as you can imagine, and even if they were, you wouldn't have nothing to worry. Since the end of the Mayans there were a lot of alignments, just a little different and nothing happened.
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What is a myth?

A tale that uses supernatural themes to explain the practicesof a particular culture. A story with great explanatory and cultural value to a society.

What is a good myth?

Well,It might be a bit babyish but a good myth is called The Boy Who Loved Bears! Its ok but maybe a bit babyish

Where did myths come from?

The word itself comes from the Greek word "mythos" meaning "story." I believe myths started in Greece, but were quickly developed all around the world, by people telling stories about gods and goddesses to explain natural things like thunder and lightning; Zeus' work in Greece, Thor's in Germanic Eu ( Full Answer )

What is a myth about Athena?

1) That she was born straight out of her fathers head. 2) She created the first spider. 3) Also that her mother is hera.

What is an Athena myth?

Her earliest myth was how she was born. The myth states that Zeus was struck in the head with an axe and Athena spouted out. She was fully dressed in armor and is Zeus's favorate daugher. It is thought that she doesn't have a mother, but a possibility is Metis. Hope this helps and good luck (;

What are the myths of Missingno?

One myth is that it's dangerous, which is also said of its cousin "glitchblock 'M glitchblock". Encountering them will most likely not delete your save data, but will unrecoverably mess up your Hall of Fame data. Another myth is that it's left over from the developers quickly deciding to take Mew ( Full Answer )

Is there Myths about silicon?

That silicon could possibly be the basis of an alternate bio-chemistry. In fact the 'organic' properties of Silicon are severly limited in comparison to Carbon and require very special and limited conditions to be valid in.

What is the Myth of Isis?

It is said that Seth killed by his brother Osiris. He cut him up into pieces before hiding them in 14 different locations. Osiris' wife Isis recovered the body parts and put them together to make the first mummy

What are myths about redheads?

A common belief about redheads is that they are fiery-tempered.Other myths include redheads having no souls and that all of themcome from Ireland.

What is the myth about Icarus?

He and his father were imprisoned on an island. They made wings for themselves so they could fly to freedom. However, Icarus flew too high, and the sun melted the wax that held the feathers onto his wings. He, thus, plunged into the Icarian sea and died. **- they were imprisoned by king minos

Why do you have myths?

1. To explain natural events like thunder and lightning or why the leaves change colors in the fall. 2. They also explain a point like why war is bad or why you shouldn't brag to people. 3. And also to show the feelings of gods and goddesses in a story. Example: How Arachne made Athena mad so Ath ( Full Answer )

Is 2012 a myth?

Dude Its A Myth. I Have 5 Reasons Why!. 1. Just Because A Calendar Made Out Of Paper Can Predict Our Time???. 2. Like y2k Its A Joke, Like That new Movie Coming Out Called 2012 its a joke if it was real they would say for free so they could know What was going to happen! Its Just A myth To Become ( Full Answer )

Who is in a myth?

what myth, everything myth or is it not. Who know if those stories are true or not, I say that everything is myth. Start using your head please

What makes a myth a myth?

If no one has found an answer. Myths explain events that cannot or could not be explained otherwise.

Was Jesus a Historical myth - a Philosophical myth or a Poetical myth?

Jesus Christ (Joshua Bar-Joseph) is an actual historical figure.His existence has been confirmed by the historian Josephus,although it is a very tenuous reference. You have to understandthat at the time of his life, Jesus was a very minor figure, justanother wandering mystic, and didn't make much of ( Full Answer )

What makes a Greek myth a myth?

A myth is a traditional story that explains a natural or socialphenomenon and usually involves supernatural beings. Greek mythsinvolve the Greek gods and demi-gods and explain natural or socialphenomenons.

What is the myth of 2012?

Well the myth is that the the aztects saw an anomaly in the patter of the stars so they believe that on 12-21-12 @ 12:21 some major event will and should happen either super valcano blows major storms floods or our magnetic aliment will change and well emp (electro magnetic pulse) will cripple the U ( Full Answer )

Is the world really going to end in 2012 or is it just a myth?

its unlikely the world will end in 2012.scientists have predicted lots of time that the world would end and were still here.they also said the world will end in 2000 but that was 12 years ago so nothing really did happen.the film 2012 has just been made because it is a good story to make a movie of ( Full Answer )

Was Sacagawea a myth?

No, she was a real woman, a Shoshone woman who guided Lewis and Clark when they made their historic journey west.

What is the myth of narcissus about?

Narcissus was in love with himself, and every young lady who fell for him he would of course turn down. So as a result he was punished by the goddess Nemesis to stay in front of a pond and stare and fall in love with his own reflection until his death.

Which myth is the movie 2012 based on?

December 21, 2012 was the last day on the Mayan calendar. So what if, just maybe, the Mayans knew when the world would end, and had planned it just before their defeat? But the movie isn't real. It's just a movie. No worries!

What is the myth of dinoysus?

Dionysus was a son of Zeus, good soldier and things, then he invented wine, and was offered immortality an he accepted, becoming a god

What are the myths in sailing?

Have a Finn on board. That's a really old Viking superstition, when Finns were thought to be born magicians and call up the winds. Pouring wine on the ship (a libation to the gods) will bring good luck to a journey. This is the origin for breaking a bottle of champagne against the ship at a christe ( Full Answer )

What are bahai myths?

There are no myths in the Baha'i Faith. There is only verifiable Baha'i history that dates back to 1844 CE (1260 of the Muslim calendar). The history is verified by official records of various governments as events were reported to them.

What is cygnus's myth?

apollos son died and the king went down to the river bottom everyday. He went down there so often, that he turned into a swan

Is Google a myth?

No , Google is not a myth. A myth tends to be defined in any one of three ways. According to one definition, the term refers to a traditional old story or legend, such as those from the ancient Greek and Roman mythologies. Or the word may refer to a fictitious story or legend or an unfounded belief ( Full Answer )

What is is the definition of myths?

A myth is a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, especially one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature.

What myth is aphrodiote in?

she came out of the foam in the ocean and choose Hephaestus for her husband but cheats on him constantly with Ares

Are there any myths?

Yes, there are many myths. Check out the book 'Mythology' by Edith Hamilton if you want to read some.

What is the myth of microscopium?

Microscopium is a small constellation in the southern sky, Latin for microscope. It was created in the eighteenth century by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille and is unlikely to have any myths associated with it.

What myth has Zeus?

the myth of the gods vs. Titans. He was the son of Titans Kronos and Rhea. He tore open his fathers stomach to rescue his brothers and sisters, because his father had swallowed them to keep his thrown. Both deities fought but, the gods won, placing Zeus as one of the main gods. Particularly the main ( Full Answer )

What is a civic myth?

civic myths is compelling stories about national origin, membership, and values that are generated by conflicts within the concept of citizenship itself.

Is haggis a myth?

Haggis is not a type of sausage, it is a mixture of minced lungs, and liver of a sheep or calf mixed with suet, onions, oatmeal, and seasonings and boiled in the stomach of the slaughtered animal. Once cooked you then simply cut the stomach open and have spoonfuls on your plate.

Is myths are important?

Some myths are important. Some teach lessons,and some are just basic theory's of people long ago.

How are myth created and by who?

Myths may be defined as stories featuring gods and supernatural beings and heroes, meant to explain the origin of the world, of natural phenomena (rain, thunder, growth), of customs etc.

What is the basis of the 2012 end of the world myth?

The basis is the Mayan 5,000 year calander which ends on December 21, 2012, or what we call the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. But what gives the premise credibility is that it coincides with other prophets such as Nostrodamas and Edgar Casey. What scientists know is that on the abov ( Full Answer )

Was Nemesis a myth?

Yes she was the one who caused the Trojan War. At a feast she threw an apple saying something Athena Aphrodite and Hera all wanted the Golden apple and Zeus didn't want to be involved so he called a young lad Paris to decide each goddess offered something to Paris and Aphrodite promised him the most ( Full Answer )

Is heaven a myth?

well, some say if you are good you go to heaven and if you are not you go to hell. But it all depends on your religion. heaven may exist but no one really knows - for some people they think heaven as a second chance of life , some believe all the cloud stuff, some believe in a rock and roll heaven a ( Full Answer )

What are myths about copyright?

The biggest myth (or misunderstanding) about copyright is that it's designed to stifle creativity. In reality, the intent was to encourage creativity by making it financially viable to create for a living. Say you write a book that you want to publish and sell. If anyone else can copy it and sell ( Full Answer )

What is a What are fact about myths?

-Dionysus is called twice-born because he was either a) rescued from the burned carcass of Semele by Zeus and carried around in his father's leg until he was born or b) born from the heart of the child Zagerius in the body of Semele.

Why do so many find the incredible myth of 2012 so appealing?

Because people get scared of things that they can't understand or is out of their reach. They are afraid of things they don't understand and in this case it is SCIENCE. Then there is the media. They are ready to portray everything that sound appealing and brings in money. And the mayan calender thin ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in The Myth of Eligos - 2012?

The cast of The Myth of Eligos - 2012 includes: Xenia Baumgartner as Xanthiria of Eligos Daniel Eckerstorfer as Alcaron of Eligos Clara Peters as Rajalla Manuel Prammer as Elsurion Sophi Stadler as Puppettwitch Edin Sudar as Jig the Jester Sophie Weilandt as Lynessa