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In my experience, 20 is too young to get married to anyone, and the 12 year age difference is something that could become an issue in the future. When I was 22, I married my 36 year old boyfriend, and within 5 years, I had matured, and he hadn't. A woman changes a LOT between 20 and 30. I left him and got a divorce when I was 30.

That's way too much of an age difference. 20 isn't too young to get married, but a 32 year old man should look for a woman more his age, and the same with the woman. They should break up. They won't have the same perspectives on life at those ages.

No it's not, if you both love each other and are happy with where your lives are, take the plunge! As far as the age gap...thats irrelevant, love, trust and mutual understanding is what really counts. Good luck.

KeVin toronto

There is a 12 year old difference but if you really love him maybe you should get married.

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Q: Is 20 too young for a girl to marry her 32-year-old boyfriend?
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