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It should be, however a claim of 24 karatage is not a guarantee as under-karating in countries outside the US is common. What that means is the gold content may not be as high as claimed or stamped on the piece of jewelry. As this is difficult to detect at the point of purchase there is a chance for the unscruplous to sell gold that is of slightly less gold content than stated. In the US precious metal contents are closely regulated, HOWEVER I have seen and tested gold jewelry in the US that was of probable foreign manufacture (and this is a big segment of the commercial grade market) that was under-karated. For example, wedding rings stamped 14 kt. that tested 13.5 kt. (I am not saying that all foreign jewelry is under-karated only that it is a possibility.) The only practical way to know for sure is to have the gold tested by an electronic gold tester that a good jeweler/goldsmith may have. Jewelry made in Europe conforms to the same high standards as US made jewelry.

2008-03-26 13:43:43
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Is 24k gold overlay is good?

24k gold is pretty much pure gold but overlay is the same as plated which doesn't give any real value to the jewelry if you scratch gold overlay jewelry with sandpaper the gold will come right off while real 24k jewelry if scratched with sandpaper will still keep its gold color. I hope this helps you.

Is beryllium in 24k gold?

The beryllium it is not in 24k yellow gold,the 24k gold it's to soft to made jewelry. The Beryllium it is other metalic element.

What is 24k gold price per gram in India?

as on 13th Aug, the gold price per gram for 22 K is 1066. what is the 24k gold price in saudia Arabia 24K Gold price in India at IOB

How much pure gold is in 24k gold?

It is important to know how much gold is in jewelry. 24k is 100% pure gold, it means that all parts of it are made of gold.

What is the price of 24K gold in India?

28000 rupees

What is more expensive 14k or 24k gold?

14K Gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals 24K gold is 24 parts gold (out of 24 parts) as 24K has a higher gold content, if you have the same weight of both metals, than the 24K gold will be more valuable. 10 grams of 14K is worth the same as 5.833 grams of 24K

What does gb stand for in gold jewelry?

Means gold bonded. egs. 24kGB means 24k gold bonded.

From where can one purchase a 24K solid gold bangle?

To find a 24k solid gold bangle, one should visit a local jewelry store. Or, check out a site such as BlueNile, or even Amazon, which would have jewelry available for purchase.

Can a 22 k gold be refined into a 24k gold?

Yes, but you lose the alloy's jewelry value; never in your life time sell you jewelry to a refinery company.

What does Ch-24k stamped on a bracelet bought in Spain mean?

That usually means the chain you've purchased is 24K gold or .999 gold which is the highest level of gold content you can possibly purchase on jewelry.

Is fourteen carat gold a element?

No. Gold (as in 24K pure gold) is an element. However, 14K gold is a mixture of gold, copper, nickel and tin. 14K means it is 14/24ths gold, and 10/24ths another metal. BTW, pure 24K gold is almost never used for jewelry- it is too soft, and will bend. Most good gold jewelry is 14K.

What is 24 kt gold?

The 24k gold it is too soft, in today market it's out of fashion in the jewelry world market!

What is a 23 k gold how it is better than 24k gold?

23k gold is not better than 24k gold. 24k gold is the purest type available.

Value of 24 carat gold necklace?

It is important to know the value of 24k gold metal don't have market price control in jewelry!

Does all gold jewelry have the mark of quality?

All SOLID gold jewelry will have a marking indicating the karat composition. It is usually small and discrete. Most common is 10K, 14K, 18K, 24K. If it doesn't have a marking it is not solid gold.

What is a 23 k gold how it is better than 24k gold-?

The percentage of gold in the 23K gold differs from that of 24K gold.

How can they sell 28k gold jewelry?

I have never seen an advertisement for 28K gold, and there is no such thing. The purity of gold is divided into 24 segments. 24K means pure gold, which is too soft to be used to make jewelry (it bends very easily). 28K gold does not exist.

How many ounces of gold is in 24k?

24k pure gold coin how much

How can you tell if something is 24k gold?

One can tell if something is 24k gold by poking it with a sharp object. Gold is a soft metal, and the higher the karat the softer the metal, therefore if it makes a dent or leaves a mark, then the gold is 24k. Also, 24k gold is much more yellow, so, the color can help to identify 24k gold. And finally, bringing it to a jeweler to get it appraised will help to determine if it is 24k gold.

How do they make 28k gold jewelry?

Well, first they take brass, then they stamp "28k gold" on it, knowing that anyone who thinks you can go higher than 24k (pure gold) is probably unfamiliar enough with gold to be able to tell the difference between brass and gold.You don't see even 24k gold jewelry often; it's too soft and doesn't wear well. Jewelry is usually made of a lower gold content alloy (with, usually, copper, silver, and/or nickel) that's substantially more durable than pure gold is.

Which is worth more 24k gold or 10k gold?

pure gold (24k) vs 41.7% (10k) gold.. you decide.

What does jewelry marked 24 karats mean?

24k is pure gold, 18k is 75% pure gold, 14k is 58.5% pure, and 10k is 41.7% pure

What does 915 stamp on jewelry mean?

there is no such thing to my knowledge as a 915 stamp on a piece of jewelry,but yes a 925 stamp exists which refers to sterling. I am trying to find out the same thing. I can say that R 915 stamp does, indeed, exist. I have seen it on 23 kt gold jewelry from India. I am not sure what it means, however. 22 karat gold is often refer as 916. Especially, in India where 22k or 24k is used as jewelry. 916 is derived from 22/24 i.e. 22 parts of total 24 is pure gold. Similarly, 18K is referred as 750 (18/24) and 14K is reffered as 583.

Why would real gold jewelry turn your skin blackish grey?

If it is low carat gold (10 or so), the alloy metals might react to your skin. Anything but 24k will have some alloy in it, and jewelry is rarely made of 24k, since it is so soft. If you are highly sensitive to the alloys, even a small amount might cause a reaction. Furthermore, you sure your jewelry is really solid gold, and not plated? Plated jewelry will often react with the skin as you have described.

What is 24k gold?

Pure gold