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Is 3000 dollars for a 1995 Eagle Talon too much?


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How many miles? Automatic or Manual? Does it have all of it's service papers? Was it kept up (i.e. regular oil changes, tune ups)? Has it ever been in a wreck? If so, how bad was it and what was replaced? How does the exterior and interior look? Has there been any major repairs on the car? Is it an ESI, TSI or a TSI (AWD)? These all factor into whether or not you are getting a good deal. The Kelly Blue Book Value on a 1995 Talon ESI Coupe (most common) in mint condition with 100,000 miles on it with standard equipment (Air, Power steering, tilt wheel, am/fm stereo, dual front airbags) and I'm adding on some other options (power locks and windows, cruise control, cassette, sliding sun roof and rear spoiler) is $2875 private party value.


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