Is 78 a good score for the intermediate UK maths challenge?

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yes 84 is a excellent number 4 a Challenger answer.....=D
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Will a 3.25 GAP and a 78 average and an SAT score of 1800 be good enough to get into University of Connecticut?

That information alone wouldn't be enough for someone to determine whether they would accept you or not. Most schools, the University of Connecticut included, base admission on more than just your numbers (SAT/ACT scores and GPA).. This school has choosen different factors that they will consider. ( Full Answer )

How do you do scoring in NCAA bracket challenges?

There are many differnet ways to score. One way to do it is give one point for ever correctly picked match-up. Then another point, or a couple points, for a correct final four, then an extra couple for predicting the correct finals. And as a tie breaker, you can do one of three things. You can have ( Full Answer )

Where can you get information needed to pass the Nicet Intermediate Math Element?

Answer . Fire Tech Productions ( offers NICET training. Their new NICET BASICS text book contains a 45 page chapter on Intermediate Math. Many problems are worked out and illustrated so a user can learn and have detailed examples during the exam. Fire Tech Productions can be reac ( Full Answer )

What is an intermediate good?

Wel i Have been going to papatoetoe Intermediate If yeu live in New zealand then yea i recommmend that school Wel it is kinda like wel its still a good school the teachers are awesome and wel if ur a yr8 then yeu try been a good person and yeu earn points and when yeu do get the amount ( Full Answer )

What are good brands for a intermediate or professional flutes?

Geminhardt is a very good brand for intermediate or professional flutes. Ebay usually has good deals. Muramatsu is also increadibly good, a Japanese brand, and Yamaha isn't too shabby. Never buy a Jupiter or selmer flute The vast majority of highly-regarded professional flutists play either a H ( Full Answer )

How do you get good at maths?

You can practice solving problems, ask for help, and read things regarding how to do math.

What is a better score on golf 78 or 85?

In Golf, the lower the score the better, so 78 in this case. The score is the number of strokes a player has taken to hit the ball throughout the game and to finish the course with the fewest strokes is the ultimate goal.. If you want to learn more about golf, there are plenty of great internet res ( Full Answer )

Answers to UK intermediate mathematical challenge?

You have not specified a year but below is a link to a list of the last several years answers. However if you want this years it may be more tricky. Hope I've helped :)

What is a good score on the compass math placement test?

A passing score is 54. But I am stumped bc I got a 77 on Pre-Algebra and a 46 on the Algebra section. If I read right a 45 is passing, but I'm not too sure so if someone else can clear this up please let me know.

How do you score A in math?

Math is one of those classes where you just have to do the work until you really understand it. Making an A grade is a matter of working all of the problems, practicing and more practicing, and being sure you can do the work before the test. Do all of your homework, work all of the problems in the b ( Full Answer )

Why aren't intermediate goods considered in GDP?

Intermediate goods are goods and services used as inputs for the production of final goods. AKA intermediate goods are not produced for consumption for the ultimate user.

How do you do good in math?

In order to do better in Math; you must study. And pay alot of attention in class & ask questions. Be sure to take lots of notes.

What is the average Math score on the SAT?

While there are a few variances, (as some schools or areas have better averages than others) generally, an average SAT score for math would be around 500 nationwide.

Can you do bad on the Math part of the SAT - do really good on the two English parts and still get a good score?

Each of the three parts of the SAT (math, critical reading, and writing) is worth 800 points. Therefore, if you make a really bad score on the math part, it will dramatically affect your overall SAT score. For example 700 on the critical reading and 700 on the writing parts of the SAT would be consi ( Full Answer )

Is 78 a good IQ Score?

Above 100 means that you are above the average human in intelligence. Below 100 means that you are lower than the average human in intelligence. So, no Descriptive Classifications of Intelligence Quotients . IQ . Description . % of Population . 130+. Very superior. 2.2%. 120-129. ( Full Answer )

Are Armstrong intermediate flutes good?

it really depends. tho it does tend to have some pitch prob. it still does depend... good flutes are pearl, or by yamaha. It also does depend on the player

Is 340 in math a good SAT score?

wow...not to be harsh but just to put it out there, no. most top colleges are looking for more in the 640-740 range.

Is 78 percent a good score for a test?

Yes - if everyone else got 77% or less; No - if everyone else got 79% or more; Maybe if some got more and some got less.

Does a good score in a maths Olympiad have any effect on a university application?

Yes! You can list it as an extra curricular activity. They look for students that are active in their schools and specially one with good grades in math, science, and English, these are the most important subjects for these schools and an event that improves one of these like Math Olympics does defi ( Full Answer )

How do you challenge a UK will?

You may challenge a will in the UK by making a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975 within 6 months of the grant of probate. You must be related to or dependent on the deceased and you must also have grounds to contest the will. It is advisable that you seek ( Full Answer )

Is 480 in math a good sat score?

That's a matter of opinon. In 5th grade that is a good score for colleges to see. The Math score is 800. You scored a 60%.

Junior maths challenge j4?

This question relates to a problem in the Maths Challenge for YoungAustralians and students are not allowed to seek answers in thismanner. There is no point in doing the challenge if all you aregetting is other people to answer the questions for you.Eventually, if you cannot do the problem, your tea ( Full Answer )

What is a good horse breed for an intermediate rider?

Well, it depends on the type of riding you do, and on the temperate of the horse you are looking to ride/buy. Any breed will do if the horse has a good temperate, is easy to handle for your level, and can do whatever kind of riding you want to do. Some good examples would be Quarter Horses, Arabians ( Full Answer )

What are the important questions in intermediate MATHS 1b?

Intermediate Math's 1B focuses mainly on geometry type materials.Important information the student should learn and know includestranslation of axis, point of intersection, planes, limits, andtheorems.

Is 132 a good score in math?

It depends. Good is a relative term so good to me may not mean good to another person and I don't know what you mean by "score". 132 is not your average so I assume you mean score as in iq. Well my iq is 145 so I would say it good but could be better

What do you do to be good at math?

Here are a few things that you can do. . Learn the basic times tables. This is a drudge but it will give you a great advantage over others who don't know them. . Try to understand why you do certain things rather than simply learn the rules. Just learning the rules may leave you vulnerable if ( Full Answer )

Is 225 a good score on a 6th grade math map test?

It depends on your school. In a regular school the average For a fifth grader is 220 so a 6th grader would have about 225 .So that is a good score you have passed the MAP.

Why is mathematics math in us and math in uk?

There are several instances where the US spelling differs from the UK version: sulfur (US) sulphur (UK) aluminum (US) aluminium (UK) color, honor, labor, vigor (US) colour etc (UK)

How do you score better in math?

To score better in maths than you are, you must study. Doing better comes from one of two approaches: . If you truly understand what you are doing at a deep level the equations are easy to demonstrate and your marks go up. This requires study . It is easy for some, but not for everyone. . The s ( Full Answer )

Is 262 a good map math score for a 3rd grader?

First of all, you have got to just be bragging! Second of all, no it is not good. It is crazy good, but it is also impossible? Either you are just bragging or you share the same brain as Einstein!

Where in the UK is area code 44 78?

+44 is the telephone country code for the UK. A number beginningwith +44 78 is a UK mobile phone. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSMmobile phone, you can enter the number in full internationalformat, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix ( Full Answer )

What is the median score math?

In a sorted list of number, the median score in math is the numberin the middle of the list.