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849670 is a composite number. All even numbers over 2 are composite numbers.

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No. Prime numbers cannot be composite and composite numbers cannot be prime!

no. There is a prime number and a composite number. Therefor, all prime numbers are not composite.

No, there are more composite numbers than prime numbers.

Prime numbers are not composite.

1 is special 2 prime 3 prime 4 composite 5 prime 6 composite 7 prime 8 composite 9 composite 10 composite 11 prime 12 composite ext.

No, prime factorizations consist entirely of prime numbers.

The product of two prime numbers will be composite.

Numbers other than prime prime numbers are composite numbers. Only whole numbers should be considered for prime & composite numbers. However, '1' is an exceptional case because it is neither prime nor composite.

Prime factorization never includes a composite number. All numbers in prime factorization must be prime numbers.

Prime numbers have two factors, composite numbers have more than two.

It is impossible to list the infinite number of prime numbers and composite numbers.

what is the ratio or prime numbers to composite numbers in this list/10,11,2,13,14,15,16,1,7,18,19,20,21

No they are not prime numbers because 4 is composite.

There are more composite numbers.

Numbers that are not prime numbers are called composite numbers.

Yes, there are many more composite numbers than prime.

Prime numbers have two factors, composite numbers have more than two.

No prime number is a composite number, by definition.

No, You can't change a composite number to prime number.

Some factors are prime numbers, some are composite.

No composite numbers are prime. A composite number is a number that can be made by multiplying other numbers. A prime number is made only by one and itself. Therefore no number can be both prime and composite

Prime numbers have two factors, composite numbers have more than two.

Prime factorization is writing a composite number as a product of prime numbers.

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