Is 97.1 a normal temperature for a child?

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It is not very easy to define "normal". The normal temperature varies depending on many factors.
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What is the normal temperature of a child?

Well the normal body temperature for every human being is around 98 degrees Fahrenheit so I don't think it changes for a child. But when your body temperature is in the 100's that means you have a fever.

Normal temperature of birds?

Body temperatures can vary. Mammals body temperatures range from approximately 97° to over 103° Fahrenheit. However, Birds body temperatures average around 105° Fahrenheit.

What is the normal temperature for a normal child?

98.6F orally is the classic answer. Temperature varies throughout the day, lower in the morning and higher in the late afternoon. Temperatures over 100.4F are considered fevers.

What is the normal body temperature for 3 years old child?

The normal body temperature for a 3 year old child is 37 degreesCelsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If your three year oldstemperature goes over 39 degrees Celsius or 103 degrees Fahrenheit,seek medical advice immediately.

Is a 97.0 body temperature normal?

A 97.0 degree body temperature can be normal, depending on whatyour average body temperature is normally. 98.6 degrees is anaverage normal body temperature, but some people run lower orhigher than that on a regular basis. You really don't have to worryunless your body temperature falls below 95 degr ( Full Answer )

What is the normal temperature of Africa?

There is no "normal temperature" for all of Africa. Straddling the equator, its average temperature range would be warmer than for Europe. But temperatures vary greatly by location, elevation, month, and time of day. The lowest temperatures (0° and below) are found in nighttime deserts and on the ( Full Answer )

What is the normal engine operating temperature?

That can vary per vehicle, it could be around 227 degrees However, remember that water boils at 212 degrees. The boiling point of automotive coolant varies slightly from that, but the system is pressurized, so boiling is "normally" not a problem. Most modern, fuel-injected automobiles have a no ( Full Answer )

What is the normal temperature of a mouse?

The normal body temperature of a mouse is 36.9 C (in addition tostrain, variables are age, sex, environmental conditions). Thereare many different types of mice.

Normal body temperature in faraheit?

Normal temp is 36.5 to 37.5 degree Celsius or 97.7-99.5 degrees Fahrenheit Answer: There is no "normal" body temperature. It varies by person, time of day and location that the temperature is taken. Most people state that the "normal" body temperature is 98.6°F (37°C). This is an avera ( Full Answer )

What is the normal vaginal temperature?

I don't know the normal but if enough people write what theirs was, when checked recently, we can estimate.. Mine was 100.4, which is what is normal rectally.

What is the normal body temperature of a rabbit?

Between 101 and 103 degrees Fahrenheit / 38.3 and 39.4 degreesCelsius. If a rabbit's temperature is less than 100F (37.7C) or higher than105F (40.5C), this is an emergency and your rabbit requiresimmediate veterinary attention. See the related links and questions below for more info.

What is the normal temperature of animals?

depends on what type of animal...what breed cat or dog usually around a humans to about 99.anything over 101 i would be at the it depends on the chemistry and reproduction etc etc level...If they are sea or water usually sub temps.

Is 96.8 a normal body temperature?

98.1 is the national average the reading of 98.6 is wrong because a German doctor calculated our body temp by hand and there wasn't calculators back then... scientists much later found out that his calculations were wrong and that people's temperature varies by age, by gender etc. http://www.tesh. ( Full Answer )

Normal temperature for a 2 year old child who has a fever?

The normal temperature ranges from 36.5 to 37.5 C. Above that range is considered a fever.Fever can be low or high. Above 40 is considered to be alarming and higher than that may lead to a febrile seizure. Give acetaminophen to reduce fever, drink lots of fluid,wear light clothes, dont cover and tep ( Full Answer )

What is the normal Louisiana fall temperature?

Fall temperatures in Louisiana range from the mid sixties to thehigh eighties. September temperatures are typically in theeighties, while the temperature by December is in the sixties.

You feel hot but you have a normal temperature?

Hot flash, may be caused by alot of reasons. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, or it might even be a sign of a upcoming fever. Most people who experience this are having a mild hot flash. Bosy temperature stays normal during these events.

What is the normal rectal temperature?

You can check, yourself (but please use two different thermometers). Rectal temperature is 1 degree F warmer than oral temperature. WebMD has a good page...see the link below.

Normal temperature of the human body?

98.6 degrees, although I have a friend whose "normal" is 97.8, so that can vary. You would need to take & record your temperature every day for about a month to get your "normal".

Normal referigeration temperature is approximately?

Refrigerators should be set to maintain a temperature of 40 °F or below. An appliance thermometer can be kept in the refrigerator to monitor the temperature. This can be critical in the event of a power outage. When the power goes back on, if the refrigerator is still 40 °F, the food is safe. ( Full Answer )

What is the normal body temperature of a duck?

The normal body temperature of a duck is around 107 degreesFahrenheit. This is the body temperature taken under the wing. Theycan fluctuate if then have been in cold water.

What is a normal temperature for a child?

36.1c to 37.7c or 97f to 100f is normal temp. Note rectal temps will be higher and underarm will be lower than oral temps. The ear temps are the most accurate.

What digit is in the tenths column of 97.1?

In the number 97.1we know that the 9 is in the tens place and the 7 is in the ones place. After the period we count tenths, hundredths, thousandths and so on. So in 97.1 the number 1 would be in the tenths place.

97.1 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius?

To convert from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius, subtract 32, multiply by 5, and divide by 9. In this instance, 97.1 - 32 = 65.1 x 5 = 325.5 / 9 = 36.16 recurring (that is, 36.16666... or 36 and one sixth degrees).

Is 97.7 normal body temperature?

Well it's very,very,very close to the normal body temperature which is 98.6 . Which means the answer is yes.

Is 34.7 body temperature normal?

Fahrenheit? No, actually you'd be in a lot of danger/dead ofhypothermia if that is your temperature.

What is the normal body temperature of a crow?

Crows, like most birds, have a higher metabolism and therefore ahigher body temperature than humans. The body temperature of adultcrows is around 40º Celsius or 105º Fahrenheit.

What is 97.1 number?

-- On your FM radio dial, it's 97.1 . -- On the telephone, it's really hard to tell from the information in the question. There are 67 different radio stations all licensed to broadcast at 97.1 in different parts of the USA. In order to figure out which one you're talking about, I'd need to ( Full Answer )

Is a temperature of 96.3 normal?

temperature here is not given in units so wecant say normal or not as it is not mentioned in units so we cant say normal or not

What is the temperature of sodium at its normal phase?

Sodium doesn't have a temperature at its normal phase. It is a solid though. That would be the answer to that question. If you are looking at a worksheet called adopt an element and it says normal phase then the answer is solid. And if a question says "what is sodium at its normal phase?" then it wi ( Full Answer )

What is the normal temperature for morning sickness?

During pregnancy, morning sickness is a common symptom, as should not cause you to get a temperature at all. If you have a fever of 101 or more for an extended period of time you should go to the ER or call your doctor ASAP because having an elevated temperature of 101 or more for too long can raise ( Full Answer )

What it the temperature in normal refrigerator?

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What temperature is normal in Antarctica?

Antarctica is about as large as USA and Mexico, combined. Thismeans that you could pick any number between about zero and about128 below zero F, and that would be an accurate temperature readingfor somewhere on the Antarctic continent. Any of those numbers isconsidered "normal."

What is the normal temperature for a desert?

There are about 28 major deserts in the world and each has its ownweather statistics. There is no 'normal' temperature that fits alldeserts. Please specify a particular desert and it is possible thatyour question can be answered.

What is the temperature normally in the Arctic tundra?

During the winter , The tundra can experience temperatures as low as -60 degrees Fahrenheit . But during the warmer months temperature rises between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and fifty degrees .

What is a normal temperature of a normal person?

The normal temperature of a normal healthy person 37C, or 98.6F. However, each person can have a 'normal' temperature between 97.6 to 99.6, without evidence of infection.

What is the ambient temperature in a normal refrigerator?

The temperature that one should keep a refridgerator at is about 40 degress fahrenheit. Some models may require other temperatures, so it is recommended that one checks the inside panel with safety information on it.

What is a normal temperature for a small puppy?

In general, the normal body temperature for animals is higher thanfor humans. The normal rectal temperature of a dog is 99.5° to 102.5°F . The normal temperature of a puppy at birth is96-97°F. The temperature gradually increases with age until it is 100°F at 4 weeks of age.