Is Advil made from a plant?

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yes! it is! but I'm not sure what plant though...

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Q: Is Advil made from a plant?
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What are the effects of Advil on plant growth?

The effects of Advil is that the plants don't grow. They begin to die over time depending how the amount of Advil given.

Who made Advil?

Dr.Stewart Adams

Can you take Advil and loratadine together?

Yes you can. Many time iboprufin (advil) is made with an antihistamine (such as loratadine).

What is a good brand of children's advil?

Advil, the brand makes children's advil in dosages for children. Motrin, the other brand of advil also makes children's advil called Children's Motrin. These both can be taken by children as the dosage is made for kids.

What are the main ingredients in Advil?

Advil is an over the counter pain reliever. It is made of ibuprofen, which is similar to Tylenol or Motrin.

Which plant does Advil come from?

I think Advil comes from a Willow Tree No. Aspirin was first used by people who used willow bark and leaves of the tree. The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates left historical records describing the use of powder made from the bark and leaves.

How is Advil made?

how do you effin idiotsexcpect me to know the effin anwer

What is the gelatin in Advil liquigels made form?

The gelatin in Advil Liqui-Gels is made from the collagen of animals. The animals connective tissue, skin, and bones are used to make gelatin.

Is there caffeine in Advil?

is there caffine in advil?

What is better Advil or Aleve?


Why does Advil dissolve?

Because the component make-up of the Advil pill is made from items that are soluble in water. In addition, if the Advil pill didn't dissolve (and travel through the bloodstream), it would not be useful in treating pain and other aches.

What does Advil tablets look like?

There's a million different Advil variants. Ibuprofen is the same drug as Advil.. Advil is usually a small oblong pill that says Advil on it....

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