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It was a commercial flop and received mixed to negative reviews from critics.

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What are the ratings and certificates for Agent Vinod in France - 2012 SUSPENDED?

Agent Vinod in France - 2012 SUSPENDED is rated/received certificates of: France:-12

Is movie jab tak hai Jan a hit or flop?

super hit dabang 2 is super flop

Sura Tamil movie hit or flop?

Biggest flop in Tamil industry

Is houseful movie a hit or flop?

it was hit not super duper hit

Is de Dana dan hit or flop?

will 'de Dana dan hit or flop' is a new movie. so it is just a name of a movie

Was Bollywood Movie London Dreams a hit or a flop.?

London Dreams was a super flop movie. Despite of being a nice movie, it was not hit at box office. The story of that movie was very nice.

Is student of the year film flop or hit?

Student of the year film is hit

Kurbaan film is hit film or flop film?

Kurban is one of the flop movie. It did not get enough recognition. The movie was of the lead married pair.

Who is a actress in pungi bajake song of agent vinod movie?

Her name is Mallika Haydon. she is a kingfisher calender model.

Is what's your rashee hit or flop?


How many movie was flop and how many was hit?

all are hit awesome movies of all time

Name greatest hit greatest flop Hollywood movies?

May be the greatest hit in box office is Pirates of Karabia(dead man's cheast) and greatest flop is karnal island. -Mir

Is nanjupuram a hit or a flop?

It's a flop for sure , its outbof man kind logic and its a cheap production movie. Entire the movie sucks.

What is the birth name of Vinod Bharathan?

Vinod Bharathan's birth name is Vinod Konaril Bharathan.

Is break dawn movie hit or flop?

is a plan made by rivers

What actors and actresses appeared in Man Down - 2014?

The cast of Man Down - 2014 includes: Vinod Nahardih as Agent

When was Vinod Dham born?

Vinod Dham was born in 1950.

How tall is Vinod Jaywant?

Vinod Jaywant is 6' 3".

How tall is Vinod Khanna?

Vinod Khanna is 6' 1".

When did Vinod Mishra die?

Vinod Mishra died in 1998.

When was Vinod Mishra born?

Vinod Mishra was born in 1947.

When was Vinod Sekhar born?

Vinod Sekhar was born in 1968.

Was Bollywood Hindi movie welcome was flop?

The hindi movie WELCOME featured Akshay Kumar. It was an average movie at box office. It neither was a very hit movie nor a very flop movie.

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