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Yes, Alaska shares a border with the Yukon, which is a territory of Canada.


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If you mean which country is connected to Alaska, that would be Canada. Russia is close by but not connected.

Hawaii and Alaska Alaska is connected to Canada Haiwaii is an island

Alaska is connected to Canada on the west side of the U.S.

Its connected to Canada, right above British Columbia and is connected to the Yukon Territory.

Because even though Alaska is connected to Canada, the US purchased it. At first is was part of Russia. They sold it to Canada, who sold it to USA.

It is connected to Canada, but is a state of the United States of America.

Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska borders Canada. Hawaii is a group of islands located in the Pacific.

Alaska is not north of Canada. However, Alaska is bordering the northwest of Canada.

The two states that are not connected to the Unites States of America are Hawaii and Alaska. Hawaii is an island not connected to an country or land. Hawaii is also the only state in the United States of America that entirely surrounded by water. Alaska is connected to Canada but is not part of Canada. It is still part of the United States of America.

Alaska is a US state, but it is not connected to the 48 contiguous states. It borders Canada. It is part of North America, the major countries of which are Mexico, Canada, and the US. It was originally colonized by Russia, and was sold to the US in 1867. There is no apparent connection of Alaska to China.

Alaska, which isn't directly connected to the continental US.

To start of, there were 13 (thirteen) states. Then as the states started growing we now have 50 (fifty) states. 48 (forty eight) of them connected and 2 (two) not. There "other two" are Hawaii and Alaska. Hawaii and Alaska are not connected to each other. In fact, Hawaii is all surrounded by water and Alaska is connected to Canada.

The lower 48 states were settled in a continual westward expansion so that all of the states are connected. Alaska however was not settled by us but by the Russians and later purchased by the U.S. At the time Alaska was purchased Canada was already settled and established therefore the U.S. could not expand and settle the land between the lower 48 states and Alaska connecting the two. The only way they could be connected is if the U.S. owned what is now British Columbia, Canada.

Alaska is a US state and is connected to Canada by land, it is its northwestern neighbor. The United States is directly south of Canada (contiguous US). Greenland is a Danish owned island off the East coast of Canada, it is also the largest island in the world.

Alaska borders Canada.

This probably refers to Alaska, as it is connected to Canada not the connected 48 states. Hawaii doesn't border other states but isn't connected to North America.

No, Alaska is part of the United States. Canada borders Alaska to Alaska's east.

anchorage is in Alaska and ALASKA is next to Canada so the answer is Canada anchorage is in Alaska and ALASKA is next to Canada so the answer is Canada

Canada to the east and a maritime border with Russia to the west.Canada surrounds Alaska

No, Canada did not own Alaska.

Alaska is the western border for much of Canada.

Alaska and Canada have always been separate. Alaska is part of USA and Canada is a different country

Alaska borders Canada, so I suppose it really depends on how far into Alaska you are.

The two states not physically connected to the continuous forty eight states are Alaska, which shares a border with Canada, and Hawaii, which are islands in the Pacific ocean.

Alaska is a state of the United States, Canada is a separate country.

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