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No, Alaska is part of the United States. Canada borders Alaska to Alaska's east.


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Alaska is not north of Canada. However, Alaska is bordering the northwest of Canada.

Alaska borders Canada.

anchorage is in Alaska and ALASKA is next to Canada so the answer is Canada anchorage is in Alaska and ALASKA is next to Canada so the answer is Canada

Canada to the east and a maritime border with Russia to the west.Canada surrounds Alaska

No, Canada did not own Alaska.

Alaska is the western border for much of Canada.

Alaska and Canada have always been separate. Alaska is part of USA and Canada is a different country

Alaska borders Canada, so I suppose it really depends on how far into Alaska you are.

Alaska is a state of the United States, Canada is a separate country.

Yes, Alaska shares a border with the Yukon, which is a territory of Canada.

no a horse can not drive through Canada and Alaska

Alaska is actually not that far from Canada, their right beside each other.

Canada is a country ! - And the only country bordering Alaska.

Alaska borders the west side of Canada, so obviously Canada.============================================The last time I checked, Alaska was part of the US. Did I miss something?

Yes, the western border of Canada, it borders with Alaska. See

Alaska never belonged to Canada. The United States bought it from Russia.

Before Canada existed as a nation, Alaska was owned by Russia. Russia then sold Alaska to the United States.

Canada borders Alaska, But no states do.

No it purchased Alaska from Russia.

Alaska has a land border with Canada and a Maritime border with Alaska.

Yes, Canada is bigger than the US, including Alaska.

The state of Alaska borders western Canada. Alaska is a part of the USA.

CanadaAlaska's eastern border is with the country of Canada.Alaska's eastern border is with Canada and Russia is east of Alaska.

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