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Yes, it is a relatively small country. It is 28,748 square kilometres or 11,100 square miles.

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Albania is a small country in Europe. This nation does not often make headline news but certainly people in Europe are aware of Albania.

Albania is a country That is in the continent of Europe.

Compared with Romania and Bulgaria, Albania is a very small country (area and population).

1. Albania is a small European country in the Balkan Peninsula, near the Ionian Sea, between Serbia and Greece. 1. Republic of Moldova is a small Eastern European country, between Romania and Ukraine.

Albania is a country and NOT a continent, it is found in Europe

Yes, Albania was a communist country 1944--1992. The communist dictator of Albania was Enver Hoxha (1944-1985). Albania is now a democratic country.

Yes, Albania is a country.

Umm Albania is a country

Of course it is. and stop with usefull question //// like : Is Albania a country....

There is no reason I guess. Albania has nothing to do with Caucasian Albania.

The country of Albania is at 40N and 20E. Albania is a country located in central Europe. the capital is Tirana.

No,I think Albania is one of the least developed country in Europe after the Kosovo but on the world stage there is more poorest country than Albania with worst economies...

Athens, in Greece, is the city just south of the country of Macedonia and the country of Albania.

Albania is not a part of Romania, it is an independent country.

Albania is the country in question.

it is a very rich country

Albania is mostly mountainous country with about 70% of it being mountain's. The also have a coastline that greatly affects the country since it is mainly a fishing country. The coat line is also home to many of their docks for international trading so without the coastline Albania would pretty much be a rock. That is how the landforms of Albania affect the country.

Albania Is a better country then Croatia Albania is a much more cleaner and has better education. and i know this because i researched it ad plus I'm Croatian

Currency of Albania is Lek Official language is Albanian

The country code and area code of BabicÌÇ, Albania is 355, (0)394.

The country code and area code of BajzÌÇ, Albania is 355, (0)211.

The country code and area code of Ballsh, Albania is 355, (0)313.

The country code and area code of Berat, Albania is 355, (0)32.

The country code and area code of Bilisht, Albania is 355, (0)811.

The country code and area code of BulqizÌÇ, Albania is 355, (0)219.