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Is Allis Chalmers a good tractor?

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yes depending on the horsepower and the model size. and depending on how it was maintained

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Where can I find an Allis Chalmers tractor for sale?

An Allis Chalmers tractor can be find be find on websites like cratglist and ebay. It can also be find on a website called There you will find an Allis Chalmers tractor for sale.

Who has good Allis Chalmers Tractor Information to see online? is a unofficial website where you can find a lot of tractor information. This site is helpful and very informative regarding Allis Chalmers products.

What color is a Allis Chalmers tractor?


What is the value of a 1952 allis chalmers tractor?

The value of a 1952 Allis Chalmers tractor is actually dependent upon a number of factors. The most important factor being the condition of the tractor.

Where was the first allis-chalmers model b tractor built?

West Allis Wisconsin

Can I buy Allis Chalmers tractor parts online?

Allis Chalmers tractor parts may be purchased online. Some of the websites offering the parts are;;; or

What was the first year the Allis Chalmer was made?

The traditional Allis Chalmer farm tractor was created in 1914. The "Allis-Chalmers" company was formed as a merger of the Edward P. Allis Co., Fraser and Chalmers Company and Gates Iron Works in 1901.

Where can one purchase Allis Chalmers tractor parts and accessories?

Allis Chalmer tractor parts and accessories can be purchased a variety of lawn and land maintenance store, such as Home Depot or Lowes. Allies Chalmers tractor parts and accessories can also be found an Yesterdays Tractors stores or website.

where can I get Tractor allis chalmers ?

"Allis Chambers" is actually a brand of tractor rather than a part. The manufacturer went out of business in 1985, so here's an unofficial page:

How to set timing for Allis Chalmers CA tractor?

timing order is 1-2-4-3

Where can I comare pricing for allis chalmers tractors?

Allis Chlamers are great tractors. Some of the best information I have been able to find about parts, supplies, and the whole tractor in general comes from the "Unnoficial Allis tractor Homepage". You can find it at

What companies in the area sell Allis Chalmers Tractors?

I do not know the area near your house so I cannot list companies in the area. However, perhaps you have a Builder Depot by your house. If not, go to or to get a Allis Chalmers Tractor.

Were can i find cheap tractor parts online?

A website for new and used tractor parts is Another site to check is

What year did allis chalmers go bankrupt?

Allis Chalmers sold to Deutz of West Germany in 1985 and the tractor plant was closed December 6, 1985. The last remaining office as the Factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin closed in January of 1999

Having troubles adjusting my pto cluTCH on my 6080 allis chalmers tractor?

Did you find the answer to this question? I am having the same problem.

Where is the battery box placed on an allis chalmers ib tractor?

depending on the year some are connected on the side and others are on the fender

What kind of services does Allis Chalmers Tractor offers?

Allis Chalmers was a big company that manufactured machinery and farming equipment for many industries. The most popular was the trackers they made under the brand Orange Tractors. The company has now been dissolved.

I need some work done on my allis chamber tractor, is there a website I can research for further information?

The following links have manuals and repair shops relating to Allis chamber tractors:;;

How much does a allis-chalmers 185 weigh?

according to info at an Allis Chalmers 185 wieghs 6200 pds. Russ

In what year was the first Allis-Chalmers tractor made?

It was made in 1914. It is the Model 10-18 and is on display in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. It ran on kerosene and had a max speed of 2.3 miles per hour. I that the first Allis-Chalmers farm tractor was made in 1914. Nearly a decade later, business grew and a new line was created.

Where was liberace born?

West Allis, Wisconsin, an Industrial town. You have heard of Allis-Chalmers.

Which allis-chalmers tractors are good?

I own many Allis Chalmer tractors and the best i would say would be the 8050,7040,and the HD 16

Is Allis Chalmers still operational and manufacturing equipment?

The company officially closed in 1998, however Allis-Chalmers Energy still remains in Houston, Texas, and in 2008, Briggs & Stratton announced they would sell lawn tractors under the Allis-Chalmers brand name.

What can I find the allis chamber on my tractor?

Actually, the Chamber is a brand of tractor from the Allis company. Here's a picture:

What year did Allis Chalmers start making diesel tractors?

The first Agricultural diesel tractor they made was the WD45d, which was introduced in 1954. This tractor had a 230 cu in buda inline 6 indirect injection diesel.

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