Is American Samoa a US Territory?

Yes, that little piece of Heaven is a US Territory.

Yes, American Samoa is a U.S territory...But since American Samoa was taken by foreigner's without our peoples say... I want American Samoa to secede from U.S even through war if neccesary, then reunite all of Samoa, Then make allies with China, declare war on U.S and maybe China would support them...Why would China support them, because China know U. States is getting to much power, (main reason why they dislike each other is one is having more power than other)...Reasons for declaring war on U. States, because they have just make us part of their nation, than execute our own people, then mke treaty with germany which seperated all of Samoa...White man (U. States, U. Kingdom, Europeans--Americans think they are American?!! hahaha no your not really American you are European, you are a BRITAIN desendant, read the history--) think they control the world just because they have weapons which without the Chinese invention (gun powder) they wont have any weapons, they seek to make other people's life miserable and claim all land for them self's...well we are not stupid, we also have a brain but just different strategy input by god, even though other country such as Russia, China, Irag, etc doesnt come on news for being a hero or for taking down Osama, doesnt mean they are weak...they are just not show off like the U. States........The mistake the country in the past did was not all joining together and take America down while it was still developing...But now it's hard to take them down, well it's easy if we all gather the haters of the Americans and then instruct them to all declare war on America, destroy every bank in America, destroy the house of important leader in America, every major military base, and assassinate any one with power in America...and America will then come to an end...THE YOUNGEST LIVING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD...---ALL OF THOSE SHALL BE DONE, IF AMERICA KEEP UP WHAT THEY DOING, AND IF THEY DON'T HANG THERE PRESIDENT FOR PUBLIC VIEWING FOR EMBARRASING OUR COUNTRY IN THE PAST...