Is Andrew an Italian name?

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No, 'Andrew' isn't an Italian name. Names native to Italy tend not to include the letter 'w'. Instead, the Italian equivalent is 'Andrea', which is pronounced 'ahn-DREH-ah'.
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Andrew Jackson wife's name is?

Rachel Donelson Robards Jackson. she was often called RDRJ. which you can plainly see came from her initials.

Is Andrew a good name?

well it comes from the greek name meaning, manly or courageous so make your own mind up if its good or not.

What is Andrew Jackson's full name?

Andrew Jackson was the full name of President Jackson. He did nothave a middle name. It was very common for boys in that time to nothave a second name.

What are the names of Andrew Jackson's kids?

The Jacksons had three children, all adopted. Andrew Jackson Jr was born to Andrew Jackson's brother Severn and Severn Jackson's wife, Elizabeth Rucker Donelson, but his twin brother, Thomas Jefferson Donelson, remained with his natural parents. On the frontier battlefield, Andrew Jackson found a ( Full Answer )

What are Andrew Clements parents names?

The names of author Andrew Clements parents are not listed. It isknown they were both avid readers and taught him to read beforekindergarten.

Does Andrew clemnets have a middle name?

Yes. His full name is Andrew Elborn Clements. The book Bird Albert,as well as Noah and the Ark and the Animals, were both writtenusing his first and middle name, Andrew Elborn.

What is the name of Andrew Jackson's home?

His plantation home, near Nashville,TN, is named the Hermitage . It has been maintained and is open to the public for a fee. Jackson and his wife are buried on the grounds.

What was the name of Andrew Jackson's horse?

Jackson owned many horses, of course, during the course of his life. He raced thoroughbreds, some of whose names were Indian Queen, Thruxton and Pacolet. While in the White House, he raced some his horses at the local track, but I do not know any of their names.

What is Andrew G's last name?

Andy G's full real name is Andrew Jonas Gunsburg ( No wonder he prefers to be called Andy G). For a complete run-down of his life do to Wikipedia.

How did Hurricane Andrew get its name?

Hurricane Andrew got its name like all other hurricanes did. Since Hurricane Andrew was the first storm of the 1992 Atlantic Hurricane season, it was named a name starting with A. The second storm has a name starting with B. Meteorologists create a list of 21 names and they are reused every 6 years. ( Full Answer )

How did Hurricane Andrew get named?

Hurricane names are named by when the hurricane happens. Andrew was the first storm of the 192 Atlantic hurricane season so it got an "A" name. (i.e. first hurricane of season might get the name Ally and the second Barry and the third Corinne, etc.) The meteorologists at the National Hurricane Cente ( Full Answer )

What is the name of Andrew Jacksons kids?

Andrew Jackson, Old Hickory, didn't have any children. He and his wife Rachael Donelson were childless. He did adopt his wife's child by previous marrieage and named him Andrew Jackson Jr.

What are Andrew Jacksons childrens names?

Andrew Jackson had 2 wifes and 10 children. 8 out of the 10 children were relatives such as nieces that had been taken care of by Andrew because of parental deaths. Jackson had two adopted sons, Andrew Jackson Jr., the son of Rachel's brother Severn Donelson, and Lyncoya, a Creek Indian orphan ad ( Full Answer )

How did Andrew Jackson get the name king Andrew?

Because some people thought that he was more like a king than a president. (I'm not that sure though, so I would do a little more research before you fully trust this)

What was Julie Andrews parents named?

Her real mother is Barbara Morris, and her two stepfathers are Edward C. Wells (Ted Wells) and Ted Andrews. The name of her blood father remains a mystery.

How did Italian get its name?

Italian people get it's name from old people..........then old people remember the date that they invented and now in Italy they also use there name did you know the date they mark will celebrate in which people name example: if my name is Amalia and the date that they invented is 12th of Decemb ( Full Answer )

Is the name Kempesta an Italian name?

No, it isn't. I think you have mispelled it. Italian "tempesta", with a "t", not a "k", means "storm". The k consonant is not in the original Italian alphabet. You can find it a few words only, but they are all imported from other languages. BTW in "tempesta" the stress is on the second "e", not ( Full Answer )

Did Andrew zimmerman change his name?

i was thinking the exact same thing. i'v been searching the internet for this answer. i would bet money that it was Andrew zimmerman in the past, but i can't prove it.

What is Andrew Jackson's dad's name?

The father of President Andrew Jackson was... Andrew Jackson. Father died the year of President Jackson;s birth: 1767.

What is 'Andrew' in Italian?

Andrea is the Italian equivalent of 'Andrew'. It traces its origins back to 'Andreia', which is Greek for 'manhood, valor'. It's pronounced 'ahn-DRAY-ah'.

What is Andrew in Italian?

Andrea is the male form of Andrew even though A endings in Italian are usually female.

What was Andrew Jackson full name?

If you are asking for a middle name, he didn't have one. This was common in the 18th and 19th century. Actually, President John Quincy Adams might have been the first President with a middle name.

What is Andrew lee's middle name?

If we are talking about the Andrew Lee from Honor Society, his middle name is Lee. His full name is Andrew Lee Schmidt, but he goes by Andrew Lee.

What does name Andrew mean?

It means a dumb person who only enjoys eating apples and strawberries off my butt

Do you like the name Andrew?

no no no no no no no no no no no no no yes i love that name love Daniel marshall

What is Andrew Jacksons spouse's name?

Rachel Donelson Robards Jackson p.s. if you put an answer on your own question then no one can see it in the 'unanswered questions' area.

What are things named after Andrew Jackson?

Jackson, Alabama Jackson, Georgia Jackson, Louisiana Jackson, Michigan Jackson, Mississippi Jackson, Missouri Jackson, New Hampshire Jackson, New Jersey Jackson, Ohio Jackson, South Carolina Jackson, Tennessee Jackson County, Alabama Jackson County, Ar ( Full Answer )

The city named after Andrew Jackson?

Many cities named Jackson - from Jackson, Mississippi to Jackson, Michigan - are named after the 7th U.S. President, Andrew Jackson.

Is there someone named Andrew Enrique?

Yes, he and his twin brother, Leonard Enrique, graduated from Central Catholic High School in San Antonio TX in 1961. His whereabouts after that is unknown.

What was the nick name of Andrew Jackson?

His nickname was "Old Hickory" for being tough as hickory when he either fought in battles or was just in a usually fight. He was shot two inches from his heart and didnt go to the doctors or anything. He kept it in his chest till the day he died. Also, he was once slashed by a British Officer wh ( Full Answer )

What is the name of Andrew Forrest's wife?

Her name is Nicola. They had three children. Right now, he lives in Perth, Australia. Please right a message on my message board, thank you!

Is the name Mike an Italian name?

Mike or Michael is a Hebrew name meaning 'who is like God'. It is arhetorical question implying no person is like God.

What does the name Andrew mean in Persian?

Andrew was the son of queen Sara when "Hakhamaneshians" were ruling in Persia. The queen (Sara) 's son was Andrew Andrew means warrior or "guerrier" (the french term for warrior)

Is Andrew a Greek name?

Andrew is an English name that is derivied from the Greek name Andreas. The Greek name stems from the word aner which means man. It is commonly used throughout the Christian world.

Is the name olschewski an Italian name?

No, Olschewski would not be an Italian name. No, Olschewski would not be an Italian name. No, Olschewski would not be an Italian name. No, Olschewski would not be an Italian name. No, Olschewski would not be an Italian name. No, Olschewski would not be an Italian name. No, Olschewski would not ( Full Answer )

What is the Italian translation of the English phrase 'My name is Andrew Fulcher and Ionly speak English'?

Mi chiamo Andrew Fulcher e solo parlo inglese is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "My name is Andrew Fulcher, and I only speak English". Specifically, the reflexive pronoun mi is "myself". The verb chiamo means "(I) am calling, call, do call". The conjunction e means "and". The ad ( Full Answer )

What is the middle name of Jessica Andrews?

The middle name of Jessica Andrews is Danielle. Jessica Danielle Andrews was born on December 29, 1983 in Tennessee, United States. She is an American country music singer.

What where the first names of the Andrews Sisters?

The first names of the Andrew Sisters are Laverne, Maxine and Patricia. The Andrew Sisters were a singing group that harmonized. Laverne sang contralto, Maxine sang soprano and Patricia sang mezzo-soprano.

Where does the name Andrew originate?

The name Andrew originates from the Greek language and means"strong or manly." The name Andrew originates from the ancient Greek language. Itmeans manly.