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No she doesn't, she's in love with Kazuya

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Will William Moseley marry Anna Popplewell?

no. He has a girlfriend named Chelsea. There in love.

Does William Moseley love Anna Popplewell?

only like family...they never dated

Are William Moseley and Anna Popplewell in love with each other?

She loves him more than he loves her.

Does jin kazama like Anna Williams from tekken?

no he like xiayu

Do William Moseley and Anna Popplewell love each other?

only as brother and sister..and they never dated

Does Akanishi Jin love Kamenashi Kazuya and does Kamenashi Kazuya love Akanishi Jin?

They love each other as friends.....hopefully.......they're both hot.....

Who does Nina love?

Jin of course

Is Nina in love with Jin?

What kind of an answer is that

Does jin kazama love xiayo?

Yes. jin kazama have a little like for xiayo

Anna popplewell and William mosley still in love with each other?

yes they had there kiss they have done more than that

Did jin loves nina?

Yes, according to his actions in the movie Jin did indeed love Nina.

In Anna Karenina who was Anna in love with?


Who is Anna Williams in Jin Kazama's life in tekken?

She is no one to him. Remember Anna is Kazuya Mishima's bodyguard, while her sister Nina is jin's bodyguard.

Did jin kazama love kasumi?

no. he likes xiaoyu

Will William Moseley and Anna Popplewell have their first kiss?

William and Anna had their first kiss already!! OMG, they should be together!!

How do you say I LOVE YOU in newari language?

Jin Chanta Tasakan Matinaa Yana

How do you say you love Anna in French?

j'aime Anna

Is William mosley dating?

William Moseley is dating Anna Popplewell.

Who is William Mosley dating?

William Mosley is dating Anna Popplewell

Does Jin Kazama love ling Xiaoyu in Tekken?


Is William Moseley Dating Anna Popplewell?

no i don't think he is dating Anna Popplewell because she's is not deserve to date William Moseley

What is Anna love Vince in Spanish?

anna amour venise

Who is jin in love with?

She kinda likes Zuko but only when they were younger and also Zuko does not love her ever!

Who is William mosely's girlfriend?

Anna Popwell

Who did William Harrison married?

Anna Symmes