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Is Anti-virus software necessary?

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IS you are using a windows system (xp, windows 2000,vista) you need to have anti virus,anti spyware and a firewall

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Is antivirus software necessary on a Mac?

It is not necessary. but it is recommended. Some people that do not have antivirus software say that they have absolutely no problems. Norton is a very popular brand, if you plan on getting it.

Why doesnt Samsung galaxy 10 need antivirus?

A Samsung Galaxy 10 does not need to have an antivirus software put on it. It is not necessary for mobile devices to have antivirus programs put on them.

What is mirror in antivirus software?

Mirror is nothing utility in antivirus software

Why antivirus software is important?

Having AntiVirus software will protect your computer from the common virus.

What type of software is antivirus software?

utility software

What is the definition of antivirus?

"antivirus" is protective software designed to defend your computer against malicious software.

Why does a computer need an antivirus software?

Antivirus software will notice about the virus,malware,spyware etc

Is a computer with antivirus software protected from viruses why or why not?

s a computer with antivirus software protected from viruses why or why not

Is antivirus software a utility software?


Is a virus app necessary for droid X?

It is always good to have an antivirus software in your device. If your device gets infected it would be really hard for the user. There is an antivirus app by Droidsecurity INC.

Which software category does antivirus software belongs to?

Application software

Is it possible to create a virus that can protect itself with antivirus software?

yeah it is possible prior to detection a virus can change its attribut to a necessary software and if it made a copy of it which is virus and attach it with every file of antivirus upon scan your antivirus can be damaged but dont worry it is hard the latter one is very hardh but not impossible

Looking for a free no download antivirus?

I do not think this will be of use in the long run. Antivirus software is commonly updated via webupdates, which can be tens of megabytes. If you prefer not to download the software, then how will you be updating the antivirus software.

Which is the strongest antivirus software?


Who invented the first antivirus software and and when was it written?

Bernt Fix invented the first antivirus software in 1988 BY: Ahley A.

Is antivirus example of a utility software?

Yes, antivirus is considered a utility.

Are antivirus 2009 and Spy ware Doctor rouge software?

Antivirus 2009 is rouge software. Spyware Doctor is not. I got antivirus 2009 because i didn't know what it was. But Spyware Doctor isn't rogue software. But if you have Antivirus 2009 you're computer can be at risk.

How do you daownload antivirus software?

AnswerWell the term antivirus software is very broad. There are hundreds of different antivirus software programs. I recommend you download avast 5 free antivirus.See The Related Link.If you have any problems just post on my mesage board.

What benefits does the NOD32 antivirus software offer over other brands?

NOD32 antivirus software offers a small file size when compared to other antivirus brands. It has also failed to miss an "In-The-Wild" virus, a claim that no other antivirus software can make.

Where can one find reviews of free antivirus software?

Someone can find reviews of free antivirus software from various websites, such as CNET. Also, some magazines review free antivirus software, such as Consumer Reports.

How can someone purchase previously used antivirus software?

One can purchase previously used antivirus software by renewing their subscription. Most antivirus companies will charge monthly for thier software, so there is a fee to keep the software running each month.

What is the Technical ratings of Kaspersky Antivirus software to Escan Antivirus software?

I Want to make the virus . so plz sajes me.

What is lifelong antivirus software?

There are free antivirus software you can download online. Some of them have trial dates, so better research first before using the software..

What antivirus software are virus software?

Net protector

Do you need a special software to scan documents on computer?

The antivirus software usually works for scanning documents on our pc. If there isn't any special needs, I don't think it necessary to install a special software to scan files.