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In some places. We live in Flagstaff (7000 ft.). It snows up here in winter (we got 9 ft. one week last winter). However, the sun comes out after the storm and melts a lot, but not nearly all of the snow. In winter, daytime highs can be in the 40s but it can go down into the teens and single digits at night (This is the high desert) The same is true north of here, including the Grand Canyon. Remember, services on the North Rim are closed from mid October until some time in the spring. It is very cold up there and in winter the roads can be closed.

On the other hand, in summer when Phoenix is an unbearable 115 degrees, the daytime high is in the eighties in Flag. Very nice.

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Did it snow in Arizona?

In the north yes, where its cold.

What is the average winter temp for Arizona?

the average temp for Arizona in the winters is very cold 50 degrees

When was Cold Stone Creamery invented?

Cold Stone Creamery's first store opened in Tempe, Arizona in 1988.

Why is Arizona hotter than Florida?

Arizona is farther from the ocean, which helps to moderate both heat and cold of nearby land masses.

How is the weather in the morning in Arizona?

hot like fire and cold like a vampire

How cold is it in Tucson right now?

The current temperature in Tucson, Arizona is 46 degrees.

Where in Arizona is the Grand Canyon located?

It is in arizona. Arizona is a desert, so it is someplace in the desert.AnswerThe Grand Canyon is in northern Arizona. The southern rim is the more picturesque, The nothern rim has more trees and shrubbs and can actually get cold there--but it is an outstanding site from wherever you are.Answ

What are the dry climate cities?

Cities that are hot and don't get snow or get cold. like Arizona as a state

What kind of desert is in Arizona?

All deserts in Arizona are considered as hot deserts with the exception of the Colorado Plateau Desert in the northeast part of the State which is considered a cold winter desert.

Why do most animals in Arizona do not hibernate in winter months?

Probably because Arizona is a hot, primarily desert region. It doesn't get cold enough even in winter to necessitate hibernation.

What type of desert is Arizona?

Arizona has hot subtropical deserts - Chihuahuan Desert, Sonoran Desert and the Mojave Desert. It also has a cold winter desert - the Colorado Plateau Desert.

Do snow leopards live in Arizona?

No. Snow leopards live in cold places of East and North Siberia.

What is the Arizona desert's climate?

The deserts of southern Arizona (Sonoran, Chihuahuan and Mojave) are hot subtropical deserts while the northern desert (Colorado Plateau Desert) is a cold winter desert.

What is the climate in the US of america?

It's very hot in Alaska and very cold in Texas and Arizona. And dogs have feathers.

How is the biome of northern Alaska like that of Arizona?

Northern Alaska has the biome of Tundra and Arizona biome consist of mostly deserts. the only similarities would be that trees can barely survive, and are both cold at night.

How much does water freeze in Arizona?

There are times when the temperature in Arizona dips into the high 20's (F) at night and shallow pools of water can freeze. It does not stay cold long enough for lakes or rivers to freeze over. Parts of Arizona do get snow during the winter months.

Where is the best place to live if have arthritis?

warm and dry climates such as Arizona...the worst climate is new England where it is cold humid

What state has a desert Alaska or Arizona and what is the desert's name?

Arizona has the Sonora Desert, the Mojave Desert, the Chihuahuan Desert, and the Painted Desert. Alaska has a cold desert: the Arctic desert at Kobuk Valley National Park.

What type of desert Is the Arizona desert?

The Mojave, Sonoran and Chihuahuan Ddserts of southern Arizona are classified as subtropical hot deserts. The Colorado Plateau Desert in the northeastern quarter of the state is considered as a cold winter desert.

Why is Arizona hotter than California?

Arizona is farther from the ocean, which helps to moderate both heat and cold of nearby land masses. However, some inland portions of California, Death Valley, Palm Springs, etc., are some of the hottest places in the U.S.

What is the weather in Arizona during the fall and winter?

It is cold but sometimes hot. Its perfect temperature for people who don't care about weather to much

What state would probably have a desert Alaska or Arizona?

Arizona has true deserts. Alaska does not.

Do vipers snakes hibernate?

In colder climates they do but usually they do not But in Arizona because of the cold night snakes go undergound due to the extreme temprature

How cold does it get in Arizona?

It can get down to the 30s.I was there once,and it was 90 one day,34 the next!Creepy,huh?Well,Mother Nature has her ways!

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