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Is Australia considered a developed country?

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Is Australia a developed country?

Yes Australia is a developed country.yes

Is Australia a developed or developing country?

Australia, by modern definition, is a Developed country.

How is Belize considered a developed country?

its a developed country

Is Australia a developed country emerging market newly industrialized or developing country and why?

Developed country.

What is a sentence for developed country?

The United States is considered to be a developed country.

Is France considered a developed country?

yes France is a developed country. Yes it is.

What country is an island?

The country of Australia is considered an island. Australia is also considered to be a continent. Australia is considered to be an island because it is surrounded by water on all sides.

Is Turkey considered a developed country?

yes, Turkey is a developed country.(cia factbook)

Is Sweden considered a developed developing or third world country?

Sweden is a developed country.

Is Algeria considered a developed country?


Is Australia a developed or less developed country?

It is a developed country other developed countries include the uk, usa and germany. less developed countries are somalia, afganistan and lybia

How did Australia become a developed country?

Australia was originally a British penal colony. It became a developed country due to various factors, such as the fact that it was a good place for farming.

Is Australia an MEDC or an LEDC?

Australia would be an MEDC (more economically developed country) due to the fact that Australia is quite a wealthy country.

Is Australia considered a country?

Yes it is.

Is Brazil considered a developed country?


Why is China not considered a developed country?

no such thing

What careers are in Australia?

The sames jobs exist in Australia that can be found in any developed country.

Why is Australia a developed country?

Because it used to be a british colony

The boomerang was developed in this country and used as a hunting tool?


Is Greenland a developed or developing country?

Because Greenland is still technically a part of Denmark it is considered a developed country.

Why you think Australia is more developed than India?

Australia IS more developed than India, it's not a matter of whether one THINKS the country is. Australia has a better economy and industry (or several industries) than India, which makes it a developed country like Canada and the USA.

What continent is a country and an island?

The country Australia can be considered a continent, country, and island.

Is Guatemala considered an under developed country?


Why was the antidote for the stonefish developed in Australia?

Because Australia has lots of stonefish and it is a developed country with scientific capability, the will and the social infrastructure to motivate it to develop such a antidote.

Is Germany a developed country?

Yes, Germany would be considered to be part of the developed world.