Is Barack Obama disbarred?

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No, President Obama was not disbarred. This is another of those internet myths that are circulated by his political opponents. When it became apparent to him (and to his wife, also a lawyer) that he was no longer going to actively practice law, since he was going into politics, he allowed his law license to lapse. Michelle Obama did the same. Both are now on "inactive" status, but since they both left the legal profession in good standing, they could return to it any time they want to, and would only need to do what is required to update their qualifications and pay the fee for renewal. I enclose a link to a very thorough report about the Obamas and their law licenses, which debunks the various myths surrounding them.
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No, this is an internet myth started by his political opponents andthere is no truth to it. Both Barack and Michelle Obama werepracticing attorneys in Chicago, but when Barack

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No, this is an old internet myth that has been circulating since about 2008. Barack Obama was never disbarred, and there is nothing wrong with his "legal status." (There are a