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Pop singer Beyonce Knowles is not dead (as of summer 2014.) Reports of her death are just rumors.

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Is Beyonce' dead?

No, Beyonce is not dead as of Summer 2014.

Is Beyonce Knowels Dead?

Beyonce Knowles is not dead. currently she is a R&B singer.

Is Beyonce knowls dead?


Is Beyonce really dead?

yes beyonce is really dead she died in the car of carzy in love then after shaca f comes a long

Is Beyonce dad dead?

YES beyonce DADDY IS GONE HE DIEDYES beyonce DADDY IS GONE HE DIED ...-_-...... he got shot in the head

Who discovered Beyonce?

Derick-nobody did.Beyonce is still alive,if you discover sombody that means they were dead a long time ago and you do irisistable information on a person. Beyonce is not dead.

Was beyonce dead and resurrected by jay z?

No such incident has ever occurred.

What is the name of Beyonce two dead cats name?

strawberry and bobby

Is Martin Luther King dead?

He was murdered April 4th 1968. by beyonce'

Is it true that Beyonce Knowles is dead?

No. As of summer 2014, Beyoncé is still alive and well.

Who is the singer of the century?

well i say its beyonce or Micheal Jackson by he is dead so yaaaaaaa i hope that helped!!!!

Who came out first ciara or Beyonce?

beyonce beyonce

Who is older Beyonce or solange?

beyonce is. beyonce: 27 solange:24

Is Beyonce single?

No Beyonce is not single. Beyonce is married to Jay-z.

Was that Beyonce or Beyonce sister in the cater song?

beyonce was in cater to you her sister was not

What is Beyonce knoles email?

What is Beyonce first name?


Is Beyonce prengant?

No beyonce is not pregnant

Is Beyonce a man?

No, Beyonce is a woman.

Who is prettier Beyonce or jlo?


Is Beyonce a mason?

beyonce is a mason.

Who composed halo by Beyonce?


Shakira and Beyonce who is richer?


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Does Beyonce have vitiligo?

no beyonce does not have vitiligo