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It's not entirely known, but probably agnostic. Agnostic people are unsure of the existence of a god. Atheists lack the belief of any gods.

See related link for quotes from Bill Gates on the subject.

Microsoft Cofounder and CEO, was interviewed November 1995 on PBS by David Frost. Below is the transcript with minor edits...

Frost: Do you believe in the Sermon on the Mount?

Gates: I don't. I'm not somebody who goes to church on a regular basis. The specific elements of Christianity are not something I'm a huge believer in. There's a lot of merit in the moral aspects of religion. I think it can have a very, very positive impact.

Frost: I sometimes say to people, do you believe there is a god, or do you know there is a god? And, you'd say you don't know?

Gates: In terms of doing things I take a fairly scientific approach to why things happen and how they happen. I don't know if there's a god or not, but I think religious principles are quite valid.

The artificer here is the term agnostic. Agnosticism is not a position on belief, it is a position on knowledge. The prefix A means without and Gnostic refers to knowledge, hence agnostics do not claim to have knowledge of the existence of any gods. Belief is a binary position, either on believes in some proposition or one does not, there is no middle ground (no one can half-believe something). Given his comments Bill Gates appears most likely to be an agnostic atheist, that is a person who does not believe in any gods but does not claim to know that they don't exist.
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Who is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates Bill Gates is an American entrepreneur, software executive, philanthropist, the world's third richest man (as of 2008) and chairman of Microsoft, the software company he founded with Paul Allen. During his career at Microsoft he has held the positions of CEO and chief software architect, ( Full Answer )

What did Bill Gates do?

Bill Gates (born 28 October 1955) is an American entrepreneur, software executive, philanthropist, the world's richest man (as of 2009) and chairman of Microsoft, the software company he founded with Paul Allen. .

Why is Bill Gates such a nerd?

While some people have their own view of Bill Gates, it is based on nothing more than an unflattering photo. I had the opportunity to meet Bill Gates and his wife about 10 years ago outside of a work setting. They are really nice people. Yes, Bill has a LOT of money. They also give away a lot of the ( Full Answer )

Did Bill Gates invent the Internet?

No. Bill Gates had nothing to do with the formation of the internet. The internet was initially a military project called ARPAnet. It didn't have a single inventor however if you want to know who fathered the current World Wide Web it was Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

What did Bill Gates invent?

Microsoft Bill Gates did not invent anything really.. Gary Kildall did, he invented the operating system which for the most part is still used in computers today... he also did not invent the computer chip... he did create windows 98, 99, ME, 2000, XP etc.. as the person said below. ^^thank y ( Full Answer )

What did bill gate do?

Bill Gates created Microsoft. Same bill gates funds terrorists in INDIA. Culture less brute /brothel activities in INDIA. He is a sales man for Microsoft. dirty face. I can't see his face anymore

Where does Bill Gates and malinda live?

Im Bill Gates half cousin. He lives in Medina,Washington(WA). Im Bill Gates half cousin. He lives in Medina, Washington(WA). how can i contact bill gates if your his cousin?

What is Bill Gates mission statement?

Bill Gates has a mission statement that appears on the website ofthe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In part, it reads, "Whateverthe condition of people's lives, wherever they live, however theylive, we all share the same dreams."

Does Bill Gates own Sony?

Yes he bought it out, for 2 millions dollars, and sold his stock for Microsoft to Trojan. They are now the owners of Microsoft.

Who is Bill Gates kids?

Jennifer Katharine Gates (1996), Rory John Gates (1999) and Phoebe Adele Gates (2002). He has 3 kids , 2 girls and 1 boy I guess.

What were some of Bill Gates obstacles?

Well, he did take a leave of abstance from Harvard in 1974, if that helps. But only after creating a BASIC software system that would run the Altair program in only 2 months and then deciding to create a business called Micro-Soft with his partner Paul Allen and becoming a millionaire by the a ( Full Answer )

Why did Bill Gates start the Bill and Melinda gates foundation?

To control the distribution of the money they are giving away. Some people feel that when you have a large amount of money they should try to help others with it, so they started the foundation to control the distribution of it.

Is Bill Gates on the thousand dollar bill?

No, none of the modern presidents are pictured on any US currency with the exception of the presidential quarters. The face of President Grover Cleveland was printed on the $1,000.00 bill, but it is no longer in circulation.

What is Bill Gates Bill Gates famous for?

For starting Microsoft Corporation, which produced Windows which is the operating system on more computers than any others. Microsoft? Being the founder of Microsoft

What age was Bill Gates born?

Age zero Different Person: You may be asking what year he was born in, so he was born in October 28, 1955.

How did Bill Gates help people?

He donates to charities. He also builds schools and hospitals in deprived countries. He also has his own charity called The Bill Gates Foundation. See the related link. Fact - Steve Jobs from Apple has NEVER given any of his wealth to charities. Whereas Bill Gates has spent billions maki ( Full Answer )

Why is the invention of Bill Gates important?

I assume you been, the invention made by Bill Gates. Bill Gates developed the Windows program which is what all PCs use. If you look on your computer you notice you can minimize, maximize and/or close your window. Bill Gates developed this software that allowed you to have multiple things open at on ( Full Answer )

Was Bill Gates dad rich?

Yes, that is how Bill Gates was able to afored his education and become the best person on earth.

What are the personal qualities of Bill Gates?

From day one, Gates dreamed of having a personal computer in every home, in every business and in every school. Throughout his career, he never once wavered from this dream. Focusing on software as the means to popularize the PC, Gates built his empire around this central vision and steered clear of ( Full Answer )

What computer did Bill Gates make?

Bill Gates didnt make a computer. He made an operating system and application software that make the computer work.

What is Bill Gates fav color?

his fav colours are Red, Green, Blue and yellow because they are on the windows logo

Why is Bill Gates name gates?

His last name is Gates, because Gates is his family's name. His last name Gates comes from his ancestors.

What did Bill Gates do before microsoft?

William Henry Gates III (Bill Gates) was bornon October 28, 1955, in Seattle Washington. His father's name isWilliam H. Gates Sr. and his mother's name is Mary Maxwell. BillGates grew up with an older sister, Kristianne, and a youngersister, Libby. When Gates was around 10 and 11 his parents gotworr ( Full Answer )

What is Bill Gates philanthropy and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation?

In Bill Gates' own words, he believes "Philanthropy should be voluntary." Bill Gates is co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which he founded. Along with co-chair Melinda Gates, he shapes and approves grant making strategies, advocates for the foundation's issues, and helps set the ov ( Full Answer )

Does Bill Gates have islands of his own?

He has evil monkeys guarding his castle on a cliff on a island that has rockets that fly the island away so no one can find it but him

Is Bill Gates a christan?

Judging by how much he does for others considering what he has, I would have to say no.

Which company is owned by Bill Gates?

Microsoft is partly owned by Bill Gates. Bill Gates also owns the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates also owns part of Corbis and Berkshire Hathaway. Microsoft

What Does Bill Gates Kids do for a living?

Gates married Melinda French from Dallas, Texas on January 1, 1994.They have three children: daughters Jennifer Katharine Gates (born1996) and Phoebe Adele Gates (born 2002), and son Rory John Gates(born 1999).

Who is Bill Gates and why is he important?

At one time people working with electronic computers needed to know how to move wires around to make computers work. It was called, "Wiring a board." This was replaced by punching cards. Next came programs that looked like algebra. They were somewhat easier to use but office secretaries could not u ( Full Answer )

Why is bill gates a renaissance man?

Bill Gates is a renaissance man because of all the accomplishments he has made in his life. Although Bill Gate didn't hand create anything he still hand very many positive effects on his community and the ones around him.

How did bill gates contribute to society?

creating one of the worlds most popular computer operating system and donating billions of dollars to charity out of his own generosity.

What did bill gate start with IMB?

Bill Gates and Paul Allen cofounded Microsoft in 1975. They along with IBM started to make OS, and the first one was called MS-DOS(Microsoft-Disk Operating System) in 1985, which was a phenomenal success.

Where is Bill Gates daughter studying?

I don't mean to disappoint you, but nobody can tell you that because for all I know, you could be an online terrorist! SORRY!

What was bill gates' childhood like?

Bill Gates was a very interesting child. He was an intuitive learner and enjoyed reading. School was not always important for him as a little boy. After he moved to Lakeside Private School in Seattle, Bill got more involved in his education. There he worked hard, and got consistent straight As throu ( Full Answer )

What was Bill Gates management style?

noted in a BBC News article, "Gates has come to be known for his aggressive business tactics and confrontational style of management"(January 26, 2004). Although he was considered a charismatic leader within his own company, he was also extremely tough.

What are the traits of bill gates?

Very Smart Uses his initiative Has a rather large Penis Enjoys anal orgys he played for fazers for a while but left due to sexual fling with Kevin yoxall

What Bill Gates done to the Microsoft?

You must research the history of Silicon Valley, to understand. There are movies and books and tons of info on the net about it. . The simple answer would be: Bill Gates was never a true IT professional, but he is a Very shrewd businessman. Not even MS-DOS is his creation. Basically, Bill created an ( Full Answer )

Answer of Bill Gates?

bill gates is so popular or famous because he started Microsoft with Paul Allen and they both succeeded together and helped millions of people around the globe.

Are Bill and Melinda Gates atheists?

Some say he is athiest, but his response here seems pretty agnostic to me. Can't speak for Melinda. Gates was interviewed November 1995 on PBS by David Frost. Below is the transcript with minor edits. Frost: Do you believe in the Sermon on the Mount? Gates: I don't. I'm not somebody who goes to ch ( Full Answer )

Is bill gates and josh gate related?

According to The Internet Movie Database there is nothing stating that he is related to Bill Gates. I checked a couple other websites as well including, and even and none have a tie either. .