Is Biotin good for the hair?

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Yes it is good for your hair but a lot of people don't actually need to take a supplement if they have a good diet.

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Q: Is Biotin good for the hair?
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What a good vitamin for hair growing?


What vitamins are good for hair?

Biotin and all the B's

Why is using biotin for hair a good idea?

Using biotin for hair is a good idea because it lets hair grow longer and healthier. This was scientifically proven. It is usually prescribed to people suffering hair loss and/or brittle hair.

What is the benefit of biotin?

Biotin vitamins promotes hair growth, nail growth and its good for your skin, it has also been noted that biotin vitamins can also increase energy. Deficiency of biotin can cause unhealthy hair which can lead to hair loss. Biotin also keeps the skin and nails in perfect condition.

What are good hair growth supplements?

Biotin vitamins promotes healthy hair growth and are good for your skin and nails.

What oil is good to make your hair grow?

I recommend you take Biotin in pill form. Biotin is an excellent viatamin for the scalp

What thickens hair?

To thicken hair, you can take Biotin daily. Biotin helps to strengthen hair. Biotin also contributes to hair growth which can help give the hair a more fuller appearance.

Does biotin stop hair loss?

Biotin will not stop hair loss. Biotin will only provide hair with essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow healthy.

What is the difference bet biotin 5000 and biotin 8000?

Biotin 8000mcg grows your hair faster!

Side affects of biotin?

Can biotin turn my gray hair orange

Does castor oil regrow hair?

I'm not sure but biotin is good for hair, skin, and nails if that help ya.

What vitiam helps hair to grow?

Biotin is good for your hair. I also believe it helps your nails and skin too.

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