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Is Bismuth a metal or non-metal?

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Metal resembling arsenic.

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Is bismuth a nonmetal?

No, Bismuth is a metal

Bismuth a metal nonmetal or metalloid?

Bismuth is a metal. It belongs to group 15 and period 6

Is bismuth more metallic or less metallic than nitrogen?

Bismuth is more metallic than nitrogen; nitrogen is a gas, nonmetal and bismuth is a posttransition metal.

Is bismuth part of the alkali metal family?

Bismuth is not an alkali metal.

Is lead a metal nonmetal or metalloid?

Lead is a poor metal and (or) a metalloid: it has some amphoteric properties as well, like bismuth or arsenic. It has some fine metallic properties though.

What bond is between a metal and a metal?

Metal - metal compounds don't exist... Only metal-nonmetal and nonmetal-nonmetal

Is it a metal or nonmetal?

is what a metal or nonmetal???

What element is a nonmetal and metal?

Or metal, or nonmetal.Aluminium is ametal, chlorine is a nonmetal.

How do ionic and covalent bond?

metal and metal-----ionic metal and nonmetal-----ionic nonmetal and nonmetal-----covalent

Is bismuth (Bi) a transition metal?

Bismuth is a post-transition metal.

What is the differences of metal and nonmetal?

Metal is metal. Nonmetal is everything else.

Is nitrogen a metal or nonmetal?

It is a nonmetalNon metal.

Is creamic metal or nonmetal?

Is ceramic metal or nonmetal

What has properties of a metal and a nonmetal?

A metalloid, or semi-metal, has properties of a metal and a nonmetal.

What are common bismuth mixtures?

Some bismuth alloys are: Rose metal, Wood metal, Field metal, Cerrosafe, Cerrolow.

Is barium permanganate is a metal or nonmetal?

it can be a metal or nonmetal or metalliods

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