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Is Bitspillani has AICTE approval for MS program as correspondence course?

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From what I can tell, the school is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Counsel NAAC.

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Is Manipal university has AICTE approval for MS program as correspondence course?

No surely not, AICTE does not approve any sort of distance mode MS studies as of now. - Krishna

Where do you find information about Army Correspondence Course programs?

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Where can I get into an army correspondence course program ?

The Army Correspondance Course Program (ACCP) is offered by The Army Institute for Professional Development. ACCP has a number of Migrated courses including Smoke Course, Decontamination course, Engineer Construction Course just to mention a few.

Is there any college that offers correspondence course in computers in utah.?

If you are looking to start college life with a correspondence course in computers in Utah. You can contact the University of Utah for their online correspondence course. Most university have these.

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Suggest colleges which provides correspondence course of jornalism?

London School of Journalism is one college that provides a correspondence course of journalism.

Is annamalai's blis correspondence course recognized by kerala government?

is annamali blis correspondence course approved by kerala psc and kerala university

What sort of education can be gained by taking a correspondence course?

Lots of sort of education can be gained by taking a correspondence course. You can definitely learn more by taking correspondence courses. It's easy and will better you in the future.

Can you suggest a correspondence course and a good institute for the same in architecture?

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Where can you download a free Hogwarts correspondence course?

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Is it valid to take BTech correspondence course from Rvd university?

To get any technical degree from any University in distance mode, approval from 3 bodies are must, DEC, UGC, AICTE. In RVD's case AICTE approval is not there. However, for the people who are already in job , it doesnt make much difference. They can very well go for this as it will be helpful to boost their carrier.Moreover some of the Govt. Deptt also sponsors their employees to this program and they recognize this degree. - Umesh Kumar Tyagi

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Is ongc approve BTech correspondence course from Rvd university?

yes why not

Does a private university require aicte approval for running management course?

no universities do not need aicte approval only engineering colleges need aicte approval . universities only need ugc approval

Is msc it approved by aicte?

Msc IT is valid masters degree program. It is equivalent to B.Tech., MCA. Regarding the approval one need to check it with the college that whether or not they have the approval for running the course. If you are taking admission directly in any University campus you need not worry about AICTE, but should check for UGC approval alone. But if you are taking admission in any college affiliated to some university then apart from checking for UGC's approval (University level) you will need to check for the approval of the Course by AICTE (at college level). Hope that helps. Choose wisely. Shashank Chaturvedi

Which is the best correspondance course for iit-jee?

Go for the correspondence course given by FIIJEE or Brilliant Tutorials.

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Is ignou Bed correspondence course is approved by Kerala Psc?

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What are the answers to army correspondence course CM3300?

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What colleges in Florida except correspondence diplomas?

what about a accredited online course, will it except this diploma

Where can you find answers to Army correspondence courses?

Answers are provided in the course materials. Read and study the materials, then answer the questions based on what you know. Anyone with character traits that would cause them to cheat on a correspondence course does not belong in the US Army. ^^^Fag

Where can I find a cheap psychology correspondence course?

Insight Tuition has a good psychology course. It's much cheaper than all the others.

What university offers correspondence Bed while you are working?

HI, There are around 20 universities which offers BED correspondence. there is enterance exam of every university and then selection. course is for two years.