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It is far more scratch resistance and child-proof than DVDs are
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A measure of the ability of a mineral to resist scratching?

This is usually measured in the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. It measures 1-10, 1 being the softest, 10 the hardest. Some examples of minerals classed 1-10: 1:Talc 2:Gypsum 3:Calcite 4:Flourite 5:Apatite 6:Orthoclase Feldspar 7:Quartz 8:Topaz 9:Corundum 10 iamond

To determine a mineral's resistance to being scratched?

A mineral's resistance to being scratched is known as it'shardness. You can determine hardness by scratching it with anothermaterial whose hardness is already known. If it can be scratched,then the hardness is lower. If the unknown leaves a scratch on theknown material, then its hardness is higher.

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What hardwood floor resists scratching the most?

Brazilian cherry is the hardest wood floor easily available to the general buyer. Keep in mind though, 90% of scratches are to the polyurethane and hardwood won't stop that. Go with a prefinished satin sheen floor to allow yourself the best chance of having a floor with the fewest scratches.

Can you use vinegar to clean plastic eye lenses that have been coated with anti glare and scratch tesistentr resistant products?

I would think not. When I got my glasses, which also have the non-glare coating, they told me that the coating is verysusceptible to scratching. I wouldn't think that vinegar would be good for the lenses. They tried selling be a bottle of "special cleaning solution" for $8, that was about 2 ounces. ( Full Answer )

Do you mind when your CD-DVD or Blu-ray gets scratched?

I know I do. CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs are really sensitive to scratching. Repairing them can be a pain too, and there are several ways to do so, all with varying levels of success. A commercial disc repair system is the DVD Dr. which I've had a mild level of success with. A great home system, thou ( Full Answer )

What term refers to the resistance of a mineral to scratching?

A mineral's resistance to being scratched (or when a force isapplied) is called its hardness . There are different measurements of hardness: scratch hardness,indentation hardness, and rebound hardness. A material's hardnessdepends on ductility, elastic stiffness, plasticity, strain,strength, tough ( Full Answer )

A mineral's resistance to being scratched is called?

A mineral's resistance to being scratched (or when a force isapplied) is called its hardness . There are different measurements of hardness: scratch hardness,indentation hardness, and rebound hardness. A material's hardnessdepends on ductility , elastic stiffness , plasticity , strain , str ( Full Answer )

Chest x-ray shows a scratch in my lung?

If a chest x-ray shows a scratch on the lung it may be anindication of an infection. A radiologist or physician would informthe patient of further treatment methods.

Are Blu-ray discs scratch proof?

yes, blu-ray discs are scratch proof, they can last way longer than dvds. but blu-ray discs can fingerprint.

Are Blu-ray disc scratch proof?

No. Actually, nothing is scratch proof. A diamond isn't even scratch proof, as you can scratch it with another diamond.

Is Dupont Real Touch Elite laminate flooring scratch resistance to dogs?

Dupont is known for having a very scratch resistant floor. Generally, if you keep your dogs nails trimmed and they are not 200 lbs, you should be okay. It should be stated though that no laminate or wood for that matter is scratch proof. One down fall of a laminate is the limited amount of repair po ( Full Answer )

Is ion plating scratch resistant?

Not a hundred percent sure but what I have found it is pretty strong and if done correct will last and wear well.

What are scratch resistant lenses used for in space?

They're not - DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coatings are used as spacecraft coatings to make them more resistant to the harshness of space environments. The DLC technology was further developed by Diamonex Corp. into scratch resistant lenses and other similar spinoff technology.

Are Blu-rays scratch proof?

Blu-Ray discs have a hardcoat layer on the bottom that is more resistant to scratches. But it can receive scratches if the scratches are severe or if the disc is not treated properly.

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You can't tell a thing about -5c+9 until you know what 'c' is. And every time 'c' changes, -5c+9 changes.

Which property describes a minerals resistance to scratching?

"Mohs" hardness is the resistance to scratching and is a relative measure e.g. Diamond will scratch Quartz and Quartz will scratch Gypsum etc. Another measure of hardness is the Brinell hardness test, which measures resistance to indentation and is a more absolute test of hardness.

Can scratched dvds damage a DVD or Blu-ray player?

No. Nothing touches the disc, only laser light. If left in the machine trying to play it, it may make noises as the sled tries to track the damaged disc, but this would only cause normal wear to the moving parts, same as an undamaged disc.

What mineral is resistant to scratching?

All minerals can be scratched if you used the right scratcher. Diamond can only be scratched by another diamond, and is most resistant to being scratched. In the jewelry world any thing harder than a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale is consider resistant to scratching.

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What is the resistance of a mineral has to being scratched called?

The resistance of a mineral to being scratched is known as its 'hardness'. This is a relative measurement determined by whether it scratches, or is scratched by, other materials of determined hardness. Hardness is measured on the Mohs scale. To give to some idea, diamond (the hardest known mineral) ( Full Answer )

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