Is Boracay Island part of the Visayas Region?

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Yes basically, Boracay is part of the Panay Islands which is part of the Western Visayas Group of Islands.
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What are the products of Central Visayas region?

the products of central visayas are rice,corn,coconut,bananas,sugarcane(tubo),tobacco,rootcrops,grapes,mangoes,cutflowers,coconut oil,mat,cassava,peanuts,woodcraft and shellcr

What are the main islands in the Visayas?

MAIN VISAYAN ISLANDS The main islands of the Visayas are: . Samar . Samar is the largest island in the Visayas, and the third largest in the Philippines after Luzon and M

Where is a good budget hotel in Boracay Island?

I recommend La Isla Bonita Resort, here's an interactive map of Boracay where isla bonita is located:

Where is the province boracay island is located?

here's a map of boracay island: you can also visit this s
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How many people live on Boracay Island?

"Based on the United States Census for the year 2000, Boracay Island has a population of 12,003 people."
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What is the negative tourism in boracay island?

With tourism development, changes are evident in Boracay Island interms of sand erosion, coastal pollution, and environmental changes such as the sporadic felling of timber. A
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Where is the island of Boracay located?

Boracay is part of the Philippines and is located around 200 miles south of the capital, Manila. Boracay has received several awards for the quality of its beaches and is beco