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Botox is injected into your face with a needle to relax specific muscles on your face, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A face lift makes incisions in your skin to gently pull and lift the wrinkles out. Face lifts require anesthesia and significant cutting/stitching. Botox is a simple procedure without anesthetic, and with good results.

But Facelift lasts longer whereas Botox should be redone every 6 months.

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Q: Is Botox or a face lift better?
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What are alternatives to face lifts?

There are many alternatives for you to have rather than having a surgical face lift procedure these include: Botox, chemical peels and non-surgical face lift treatments,

What other surgeries did Dolly Parton have?

face lift, forehead lift, fat grafting, botox, lip surgery, eyelid lift, nose reshaping, and breast implants.

Where can I go to get a face lift alternative?

Simple tasks such as exfoliation and using skincare lotions can be the beginning steps to a healthier looking face. Additionally, there are procedures such as botox that can be undergone for similar results.

How do you lift your butt?

This would require a butt lift. An injection sort of like botox.

Does botox make face thinner?

No botox doesn't make your face thinner at all. *Actually I seen a technique like this done where they put the botox on the face which will make your face appear smaller. They do this by making the muscles around jowls slack so to speak with the botox while the other unaffected muscles will pull.

What causes face numbness?


Is there a nonsurgical face lift?

Although not the same as an actual face lift, many doctors are now offering an option referred to as a Liquid Face Lift. It is a combination of different types of injectable cosmetic procedures such as Botox Cosmetic and dermal fillers to achieve a more youthful look. It can help to reduce wrinkles, creases and folds and restore natural facial contours. The best candidates for a Liquid Face Lift procedure do not have a significant amount of sagging skin or wrinkles.

Is Botox a substitute for an eye lift?

I have had both Botox and and eye lift. Botox doesn't "lift" anything. It simply paralyzes the muscle into which it is injected. This makes any lines or furrows in that area relax and fade quite a bit. In order to have your eyes actually lifted you need to have it done surgically. I personally found it to be no big deal, with only a little down time.

Did Madonna have plastic surgery on her face?

Yes , Madonna has had several plastic surgery's on her face , for example : -Botox - Face Lift And many more , she hasn't said it in public but her doctor's have said it to the magazines in exchange for money.

What procedures might be needed in addition to face-lift surgery?

Additional procedures including blepharoplasty, chemical peel, botox injections, or dermabrasion may be necessary to achieve desired results.

Can beauty therapists give botox injections?

It is against the law in the US to inject Botox without an actual face to face consultation from a prescriber. Any injection needs to be directed by a medical professional. In some countries, beauty therapists can give Botox injections.

When did Bill Clinton have a face lift?

He never had a face lift

How do you make your face look fatty?

botox but it costs money

What are some face lift alternatives without having an operation?

You can buy serums and creams that help to rejuvenate the skin. Also I have seen some people use Botox injections or collagen injections for this.

Has mick hucknall had a face lift and botox?

By the looks of things in April 2020, yes. Big time. His cheeks are all puffed-up and super smooth, and his forehead looks strikingly plastic.

Did Helen Mirren have a facelift?

Yes and neck lift and botox and spots on her cheeks removed

What was the top cosmetic procedure in CA in 2010?

The top cosmetic procedure in CA in 2010 was face lift. Most people get the Botox injections if they don't work they get the facelift that tightens the eyes, chin and etc.

Can you learn botox?

You must be a qualified medical professional such as a Doctor, Dental Surgeon or registered Nurse to inject botox. Apart from understanding injection technique and the risks and benefits of botox, you need to have an understanding of the anatomy of the face.

Why is botox used?

BOTOX is used by patients who feel they have exceptionally prominent or too many wrinkles on their face. Although there are other uses for Botox (such as limiting sweating in the underarms when injected), wrinkle recovery is the main application for Botox. Botox itself is the brand name for a purified protein that is injected in small amounts to muscles of the face. Once injected, the protein relaxes the muscles of the face that create the wrinkles. While completely removing wrinkles is not feasible, Botox is a great method for achieving the temporary appearance of less wrinkles. Most patients visit their Doctor around every 8 months.

With botox you freeze your facial muscles by injecting what poison into your face?


What is the cpt code for botox injection to the face for migraines?

64612 and 64613

Why does Botox injections smooth facial wrinkles?

it paralyzes the mussels in your face

How do you get from face to lift on a word ladder?


What does a Lifestyle face lift entail?

A Lifestyle face lift is less invasive than a typical face lift therefore, requiring less recovery time. The surgery entails a short flap face lift with local anesthesia.

What is a mini-facelift?

A mini face lift, also referred to as a "celebrity face lift," is a procedure that can improve the appearance of the face and neck that have been affected by age. When compared to a full face lift, a mini face lift has shorter incisions and a shorter recovery time.