Johannes Brahms

Is Brahms a Jewish last name?

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Unless you were an archivist for the Third Reich, there is no such thing as "part Jewish". A person is either is or is not. In Jewish law, if Brahms' father's mother was Jewish, then Brahms' father was Jewish. And if Brahms' father was Jewish but his mother was not, then Brahms himself was not.

It is a Croat last name. As most Croats are Catholic, it is not likely a Jewish last name.

probably not, but a Jewish person can have any last name.

Ziegler is a German and Jewish (Ashkenazi) last name.

It's an English last name. In the past, Jewish people sometimes changed their last name to a non-Jewish name so that they wouldn't be discriminated against or even killed. So a Jewish person could possibly have the last name Chandler.

No, the last name Christakos is of Greek origin. However, it is possible that someone who is Jewish and has Greek ancestry has this last name.

Johannes Brahms's father was rumored to be of Jewish descent (see Daniel Beller-McKenna, Revisiting the Rumor of Brahms's Jewish Descent). However, we may never know the truth.In his preface to the Foundations (xxxviii) Lord Redesdale wrote:"Some people have thought that Brahms was a Jew, that his name was a corruption of Abrahams. But this is false. Brahms came of a Silesian family, and in the Silesian dialect Brahms means a reed. (See an interesting paper in Truth of January 13, 1909)."

Johannes Brahms Mums name was Christiane Nissen

Yes....another common Jewish last name is Goldbloom

Yes it is. The Jewish side of my family have the last name Sharman.

Friedman is a typically Jewish name, but not exclusively so.

Although there might be Jews with the last name of Richards, Richards is not a Jewish name.

It can be, but most individuals with the last name Castro are Spanish or Hispanic but without Jewish origins.

Brahms's violin concerto was written by Brahms. The clue is in its name: the 'Brahms' violin concerto.

Not particularly, though there's no reason a Jewish person couldn't have that name.

of course Bridget mendler is Jewish, Mendler is a Jewish last name.

It is not of Jewish origin, but any a Jewish person can have any last name.

Answer 1Yes it is!Answer 2Probably Not. There is no reason why a Jew would not have the last name "Jara" but it is not primarily or commonly seen as a Jewish last name (unlike Goldstein).

It is a Jewish last name. I believe it is originally from Germany.

No, but it could be a Jewish last name, depending on the family.

Awad is more commonly a Muslim last name.

is markley a jewish last name

Hanukkah (חנוכה) is the name of a Jewish holiday. It is not a person, so it doesn't have a last name.

Not particularly, though there's no reason a Jewish person couldn't have that name.

she is jewish. I heard that the last name fuhrman is jewish.