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Is Britain great?


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November 06, 2010 2:35PM

No. It used to be, but then we sent lots of advanced technology to the Germans shortly before the second world war, and what was left was sent to the U.S.A. shortly after the second world war.

Now its kind of a bridge between Europe and North America, skimming off as much money as possible and trying not to draw the attention of too many people who ask unwelcome questions about how the insurance industry really works.

So, its not great. Mediocre to above average at best. I hear that most countries in northern Europe are pretty great.

*I accept no responsibility for the accuracy of this post. it was a stupid question, it demanded a stupid answer*

Great Britain has a great history. No, I do not think Britain is great any more: but there is something intrinsically 'Great' about Britishness. Obviously it does not have the place in the great nations of the world that it once held but in comparision with any of the great Empires of History the handling of the decline of the British Empire has, for the most part, been handled as well as any.

in my opinion at the moment Britain is great it really is how long you have lived there and what you have epirenced