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It certainly is and the only thing phony about it is that in technical terms it is a natural amphitheater and not a canyon. it could also be called a surreal place that has a mystic appeal. It is noted for its hoodoos and it is a joy to visit.

Perhaps the only really bad thing that can be said about it is that it is has a genuine and well deserved bad reputation for accessibility. It has never met the Federal minimum standards in this regard and simply begs for attention in this area.

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Q: Is Bryce Canyon a real place?
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What is Bryce Grand and Zion Canyon called?

Bryce canyon gets its name from Ebenezer Bryce a farmer who said it was a heck of a place to lose a cow?

Where can someone find lodging at Bryce Canyon?

There is an abundance of lodging options at Bryce Canyon. These include The Lodge at Bryce Canyon, Best Western Plus, Bryce View Lodge, Bryce Canyon Pines, Bryce Canyon Resort Hotel, Foster's, Stone Canyon Inn, Bryce Pioneer Village, and more.

How did Bryce Canyon get its name?

Bryce Canyon, once called "Bryce's Canyon", was named for Ebenezer Bryce & family, who settled in the area in the nineteenth century.

Which airport is closest to Bryce Canyon Utah?

Bryce Canyon Airport - Bryce Canyon, UT (BCE / KBCE).

What state is Bryce Canyon located?

Bryce Canyon is in southwestern Utah.

Is bryce canyon in zion national park?

no, Bryce Canyon has its own Plataea

When was Bryce Canyon National Monument created?

Bryce Canyon National Monument was created in 1923.

What is the definition of bryce canyon?

Dotted Canyon

Is the grand canyon and bryce canyon a landshape?

No they are not

In what country would one find Bryce Canyon National Park?

Bryce Canyon National Park is located in none other than Bryce Canyon. Bryce Canyon National Park is a great spot for family fun activities and great sight seeing trips.

What do the rocks in Bryce Canyon national park look like?

The rocks in Bryce Canyon National Park are mainly an orange-redish color. Yellow and pink are also found in the rock. The rock pillars are called hodoos. The Paiute Indians thought the rock pillars in Bryce were evil people who had been frozen in place. see for a better description

How was Bryce Canyon Formed?

A river eroided it into a canyon

What canyon is in Utah?

Bryce Canyon Naional Park.

Is the bryce canyon the second biggest canyon?

Yes it is

When do scientists think bryce canyon formed?

the Bryce canyon was formed over 70 million years ago.

When was Bryce Canyon National Park created?

Bryce Canyon National Park was created on 1928-09-15.

When was Bryce Canyon Lodge Historic District created?

Bryce Canyon Lodge Historic District was created in 1924.

When was Bryce Canyon campground comfort stations created?

Bryce Canyon campground comfort stations was created in 1934.

How far is it from Denver CO to Bryce Canyon?

There are 415.079 miles between Denver, Colorado and Bryce Canyon, National Park.

Where is bryce canyon located?

Bryce Canyon is located in South central Utah also in the west region. And ofcourse in the U.S.

What is the distance from Grand Canyon to Bryce Canyon?

265 miles

How do you say Bryce?

"Bryce", like Bryce Canyon, in Utah, or the software application, is pronounced to rhyme with "ice".

What state is Bryce Canyon in?

It is in Utah.

When was Old Administration Building - Bryce Canyon National Park - created?

Old Administration Building - Bryce Canyon National Park - was created in 1933.

Who was ebenezer bryce?

Bryce was a local cattle rancher near what is now Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. He is credited with exclaiming, on first sighting the spectacular colors and hoodoos of the high rimrock, that it was "A hell of a place to lose a cow."