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Is CA of ICAI is equivalent to postgraduate?

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Yes. CA is considered equivalent to Master degree. CA can go for PhD on basis of CA qualification.

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What is fee structure for the study of CA at ICAI?

nepaleses student want to study in india at icai who want to become best ca , who want to be ca in his life so what will be the total fee for complete ca course .

Restriction on use of ca logo ICAI?

CA logo can be used on visiting cards and letter heads but with specified colours

Which is world's toughest exam?

CA Final Exams organized by ICAI in the month of Nov & Mar.

Do ICAI allow to do CS along with regular bcom n CA?

Yes there is no problem you doing CS along with CA or other courses.

When was ICAI School of Engineering created?

ICAI School of Engineering was created in 1908.

BMS plus CA or BMS plus Actuarial science?

Ca is the Great Combination as compared to actuaries as Institute of Actuaries of India is not as recognized as ICAI. Actuaries of U.K is well Recognized

Can chartered accountant do LLB course?

Yes U can, There is No Bar from ICAI. LLoyal College Noida take CA as an eligibility criteria for LLB. CA Amit Gupta +91-9971217212

You just compeleted 12th standard commerce stream . What is the proccess to become CA?

Write the foundation examination and enroll with ICAI. Pass the intermediate examination and become an article assistant with any CA firm and complete your final examination.

Icai admit card website?

Is a postgraduate diploma equivalent to a bachelor's degree?

yes it is equal to graduation if some authentic college awards you,

What is a sentence for postgraduate?

I will postgraduate in order to improve my score.

What is a example sentence of Postgraduate?

So doing degree is nothing. Do a postgraduate and than you will know it.

Is master degree the same as postgraduate?

A postgraduate degree program is any that has a bachelor's degree as a prerequisite, so all masters degrees are postgraduate degrees, but not all postgraduate degrees are masters degrees.

Do Equivalent or Lower Qualification - ELQ - fees apply to UK students wanting to study a Masters course if they already have a postgraduate diploma in a different subject?

No, a postgraduate diploma is considered a lower qualification than a Master's.

Mandatory accounting standards issued by ICAI?

accounting standards

Who is better icap or icai?

Those who pass their exam are better..

What is the difference between an undergraduate and a postgraduate?

An undergraduate has not received a bachelors degree and a postgraduate has.

When was N.K.B.M.G Postgraduate College created?

N.K.B.M.G Postgraduate College was created in 1964.

When was Naval Postgraduate School created?

Naval Postgraduate School was created in 1909.

SHOULD ICAI make uniforms compulsory?

That is a matter for their board of control

What is 'postgraduate'?

Typically, a person continuing to study in a field after he/she has successfully completed a degree.

What is the difference between master and postgraduate studies?

Postgraduate just relates to studies beyond a bachelor's degree. We can also say, advanced course work after graduation. In a sense, a masters is postgraduate work and also a doctorate is postgraduate work etc.

Is CA or ICWA equivalent to master degree?


How do you use postgraduate in a sentence?

Alice continued with her studies in Mathematics, earning a postgraduate degree in Nonlinear Algebra.

What is the cgpa requirement for student intending to apply for the postgraduate scholarship in kfupm?

Applying for the postgraduate is a OK idea